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More Than Our Usual Coverage

Personal Accident Plan

Maxis Insurance Personal Accident Plan covers individuals against Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement and provides other benefits like Snatch Theft/Robbery Benefit and the settlement of outstanding phone bill in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that causes the individual bodily injury.

Benefits and Coverage

Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement RM180,000 RM70,000
Snatch Theft/Robbery Benefit RM500 RM250
Settlement of Outstanding Phone Bill (due to Accidental Death & permanent Disablement) RM500 RM500
Monthly Premium RM5.00 (Inclusive of RM0.50 handling fee) RM2.00 (Inclusive of RM0.20 handling fee)

Please refer to Terms & Conditions for the Master Policy where the details of the Coverage are provided.

How To Apply

To apply, just send an SMS request (with the keywords from the list below) to 27007.
Upon successful purchase of an insurance policy, an M-money account will be automatically created for you.

1. Personal Accident Insurance BUY PA 27007
2. Insurance Main Menu INSURANCE or INS 27007
3. Transaction History HISTORY 27007
4. Cancel Transaction
     (Only for PA Insurance)
STOP INS 27007

Coverage will take effect immediately upon SMS confirmation from Maxis, subject to Terms & Conditions.

Existing M-money subscriber can view last transaction by sending HISTORY to 27007. For non M-money customers, please send REG for registration and to set your M-PIN.


Coverage Claims

We cover customers on a wide range of coverage claims from accidental death to robberies and outstanding phone bills. Read more here.

Accidental Death

In the event of an Accidental Death, you will receive a lump sum of up to RM180,000 (for P1).

Accidental Disability

In the event of an Accidental Disability, you will be paid up to RM180,000 (see table below).

Disability Pay-out
Permanent Total Disablement 100%
Permanent Loss of two (2) Limbs 100%
Permanent Loss of sight in two (2) eyes 100%
Permanent Loss of one (1) Limb and sight in one (1) eye 100%
Permanent Loss of speech and hearing 100% 100%
Permanent Loss of one (1) Limb or sight in one (1) eye 50%
Permanent Loss of speech 50%
Permanent Loss of hearing in both ears 50%
Permanent Loss of speech and hearing 75%
Permanent Loss of hearing in one (1) ear 30%


Snatch Theft/Robbery Benefit

If you are a victim of Snatch Theft or Robbery, you will be paid a lump sum of up to RM500. Provided always that you submit the police report to the ACE Synergy Insurance Berhad.

*Snatch Theft or Robbery Definition

Snatch Theft means loss of wallet, purse, or other bag in your possession at the material time together with the contents therein or loss of any valuables or jewellery worn by you at the material time as a result of the same being snatched away by an unknown person, including any attempt thereof.
Robbery means where, in order to commit a theft, or in committing the theft, or in carrying away property obtained by theft, the perpetrator, for that end,

i.   voluntarily causes or attempts to cause death, hurt or wrongful restraint or;
ii.  causes or puts in fear of instant death, or of instant hurt, or of instant wrongful restraint or;
iii. at the time of committing the extortion, commits the extortion by causing or putting in fear of
     instant death, of instant hurt, or of instant wrongful restraint to

You or to some other person in Your company, and, by putting You or that person in Your company in such fear that induces You to deliver up the property extorted.

*This is not a contract of insurance. The specific details applicable are set out in the policy.

Settlement of Outstanding Phone Bill Benefit

In the event of Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement of the Insured Person, the above benefit shall be paid up to RM500.

Hide coverage details.


All Maxis and Hotlink customers between the ages of 18 and 70 are eligible for Maxis Personal Insurance. No medical examinations are required and no health questions will be asked. The PA insurance offer is eligible to registered Principal line holder only with a minimum of 6 months tenure.

General Discussion

The complete exclusion clauses are in the Policy. However, the main exclusions are war, illness and diseases, engaging in military duty, illegal acts, suicide, self-inflicted injury, non-prescribed use of drugs or driving while intoxicated, certain hazardous sporting activities like parachuting, hang-gliding, in aviation other than as a fare- paying passenger in an aircraft operated by a licensed airline, professional sports, occupations like law enforcement, off-shore work, lumbering, deep-sea diving and those involving explosives.

Underwritten by ACE Synergy Insurance Berhad.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions
Frequently Asked Questions
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