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Usher in the Raya season with Hot Tickets! In addition to talk time minutes and SMS, get prompt notifications of buka puasa times, solat hours and even festive recipes from the formidable Chef Wan! You can even redeem 2 pieces of chicken from KFC with your Hot Tickets!


    • 70 minutes of talk time
    • 120 SMS
    • Free buka puasa and solat notifications
    • 7-day validity period

    Redeem 2 pieces of chicken from KFC with 2 RM10 Ramadan Hot Tickets until 15 October 2010!


    • 120 minutes of talk time
    • 300 SMS
    • All networks, anytime
    • Free buka puasa & solat notifications
    • Festive recipes from Chef Wan*
    • 10-day validity period

    Redeem 2 pieces of chicken from KFC with a RM15 Ramadan Hot Ticket until 15 October 2010!

  • * You will receive a confirmation SMS on subscription from 22268.
  • * Recipes will be sent to the you via MMS (in BM by default) everyday on weekdays from 9am onwards.
  • * 5 MMS per week with a free 1-week trial upon Hot Ticket activation. Thereafter RM1.50/week will be charged.
  • * After 1 week trial, you will receive an SMS on whether to continue if the service or not.
  • * If you wish to continue with Chef Wan Recipe MMS, send SMS: ON‹SPACE›CWM to 22268 for BM, or ON‹SPACE›CWE to 22268 for English.


Topping up is now made better with the new Hot Tickets! You’ll get greater value for your money AND you’ll know exactly what you get, from how many talktime minutes you bought to how many SMS you can send. Enjoy the freedom of choice and find the Hot Ticket that suits your needs best.


Terms & Conditions


  1. Ramadan Raya Hot Ticket

    1. What are the prices of Ramadan Raya Hot Ticket?
      RM10 and RM15.
    2. What do I get with each RM10 Hot Ticket activation?
      7 days validity, 70 minutes talktime, 120 SMS, free Buka Puasa & Waktu Solat SMS.
    3. What do I get with each RM15 Hot Ticket activation?
      10 days validity, 120 minutes talktime, 300 SMS, free Buka Puasa & Waktu Solat SMS and Chef Wan recipe MMS.
    4. When is the expiry date for the Ramadan Hot Ticket?
      The Ramadan hot ticket expires on 31 Dec 2010. Please activate your Hot Ticket before the expiry date.
    5. What is the time band for the minutes & SMS offer?
      There is no time band. You can use them 24 hours a day, within the validity period.
    6. Can I use the MOU & SMS to call other network?
      Yes. It can be used to make local calls to all networks.
    7. What happens if I still have unutilised minutes / SMS after the validity period?
      All unutilised minutes / SMS will expire after the validity period.
  2. KFC Redemption

    1. How do I redeem free KFC chicken?
      You need to present your original Hot Tickets at any KFC restaurant in Malaysia to redeem 2 pieces of free chicken.
    2. Redemption mechanics
      Customers may redeem 2 pieces free KFC chicken with:
      a. 2 RM10 Hot Tickets or
      b. 1 RM15 Hot Ticket
    3. When is the last day of the KFC redemption?
      You may redeem your FREE KFC 2-piece chicken from 5th August -15th October 2010.
  3. Buka Puasa & Waktu Solat SMS

    1. How long is the free Buka Puasa & Waktu Solat SMS?
      Buka Puasa SMS is free throughout Ramadan. Waktu Solat SMS is free for one month from the activation date, until the end of Raya.
    2. When will I receive the Buka Puasa SMS everyday?
      Buka Puasa time will be sent to you at 3pm daily. Imsak time will be sent at 9pm daily.
    3. When will I receive the Waktu Solat SMS everyday?
      Waktu Solat time will be sent to you at 8pm daily.
    4. What happens after the free Waktu Solat SMS expires?
      Waktu Solat SMS will be stopped by default and a notification SMS will be sent to you. If you wish to subscribe to this service, send ONSOLAT to 22558. Normal charges for this service is RM1 per month. If you wish to unsubscribe the service, send STOPSOLAT to 22558.
    5. How do I stop/ re-activate the Buka Puasa SMS service?
      If you wish to deactivate the Buka Puasa SMS service, send STOPBP to 22558. If you wish to re-activate the service, send ONBP to 22558.
  4. Chef Wan Recipe MMS

    1. How long is the free Chef Wan recipe MMS?
      7 days from the activation date.
    2. When will I receive the Chef Wan recipe?
      1 MMS recipe will be sent to you per day during weekdays only.
    3. What happens after the free Chef Wan recipe MMS expires?
      Chef Wan recipe MMS will be stopped by default and a notification SMS will be sent to you.
    4. How do I subscribe to the Chef Wan recipe MMS service after my free trial expires?
      If you wish to subscribe to this service, send sms ONCWM for BM and ONCWE for English to 22268. Normal charges for this service is RM1.50 per week.
    5. How do I stop the Chef Wan recipe MMS service?
      If you wish to unsubscribe the service, send STOPCWM to 22268.
  5. Activation & Balance Enquiry

    1. I have just purchased a Hot Ticket. How do I activate it?
      There are 2 ways to activate your Hot Ticket:
      a. Scratch the back panel to reveal the 14-digit code. Then dial *105*<14-digit code># and press send/call to activate.
      b. Dial *100#, select “Hot Ticket” and then select “Enter code”. Then key in your 14-digit code to activate.
    2. When will I receive my free Raya content after I activate my Hot Ticket?
      48 hours upon activation.
    3. How do I know if I have successfully activated the Hot Ticket?
      You will receive a confirmation SMS upon successful activation,“RM0. Hot Ticket - Thank you for your purchase, your minutes & SMS package will be fulfilled shortly. You will receive the FREE content (if any) within 48 hours.”
    4. Can deactive sub use HT? If yes, how long is the validity after activation?
      Yes. The validity given will be based on the Hot Ticket validity e.g. 7 days validity period for RM10 Hot Ticket.
    5. Is this HT applicable to all Hotlink rate plan?
    6. How do I check my Hot Ticket balance?
      Dial *129#
    7. I accidentally keyed in the codes more than 3 times. Is there a limit to the number of tries one has before the Hot Ticket is blocked?
      No, but your Hot Ticket credit will only be given one time.
    8. Can I activate a new Hot Ticket before I finish using my current Hot Ticket?
      Yes, your new validity will be based on your new Hot Ticket validity. e.g. If you have 3 days remaining validity, RM10 Hot Ticket will extend your validity from 3 days to 7 days. In addition, your unused Hot Tickets minutes and SMS will be accumulated. e.g If you have 10minutes and 30SMS remaining, activating a new RM10 Hot Ticket will increase your Hot Ticket Balance to 80 minutes and 150 SMS.
  6. Hot Tickets & Super Savers

    1. What if I bought Super Savers via UMB, can I still opt for Hot Tickets?
      If you still have Super Savers balance, you are not allowed to purchase any Super Savers, however you can purchase Hot Ticket. If you have depleted Super Savers balance, you can purchase either Super Savers or Hot Ticket.
    2. What is my bundle expiry if I opt for Super Savers then Hot Ticket?
      Super Savers validity is 1 day. Hot Ticket’s validity is 7 days. If you purchased Super Savers e.g. 100Mins expiry 1/6/2010 and on the same day purchased Hot Ticket e.g. 50Mins valid 7 days till 7/6/2010, the bundle amount will be accumulated to 150Mins and expiry = 7/6/2010
    3. What if I bought Hot Ticket and finished the balance before expiry and then purchase Super Savers?
      If for example, your Hot Ticket is valid till 7/6/2010 and you finished the balance on 3/6/2010 then you purchase Super Savers on 3/6/2010 which supposed to be valid for 1 day. In this case, your Super Savers bundle will expire 7/6/2010. System will take the greatest date.

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