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1. What is this plan all about?
BASIC Plan is a new plan specifically designed to provide customers with the best value for short calls.
2. I’ve subscribed to SuperSavers. Will I be able to enjoy SuperSavers if I join this plan?
Yes, you can.
3. Can I still enjoy Activ10?
Yes, you can.
4. How many lines can I apply?
Each person with a valid IC is entitled to a maximum of 10 lines.
5. If I subscribe to this plan, what will my call and SMS rates be ?
With this new plan, you will enjoy the LOWEST rates to all Maxis and Hotlink customers!
6. Does the new tariff apply to video calls?
For BASIC Plan customers, the video call rate will be 33sen/min to all Maxis and Hotlink customers. Video call rate to other networks remain at 98sen/min.
7. Who can switch to BASIC Plan?
Effective 21st April 2009, Talk/ SMS Plan and EXtra Plan users can switch to BASIC Plan for FREE (Free Promo ends 11th May).
8. How do I switch to BASIC Plan?
To join BASIC Plan, just dial *100# > MyAccount > Switch to BASIC Plan (Effective 21st April 2009).
9. If I have not switched to BASIC Plan, can I switch between Talk/ SMS Plan and EXTRA plan?
Yes. Switching from Talk/ SMS Plan to EXtra Plan is free of charge. But you can only switch from Talk/ SMS Plan to EXtra Plan and not the other way around.
10. Why is my rate plan enquiry missing from the Hotlink EasyMenu (*100#)?
The rate plan enquiry function will be up and running on 17th April 2009.
11. I am a BASIC Plan user. Why can't I purchase Hotlink 365?
We are currently upgrading our system to enable this feature for BASIC Plan users.You should be able to purchase Hotlink 365 by the end of May. Please visit for the latest updates.
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