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1. (Q)   I am currently using EXtra Plan/Basic Plan/East Malaysia/Hotlink Youth Club Plan. Can I purchase the SMS/Talk/IDD Super Saver?
  (A)   Yes. This is applicable to all Hotlink plans.
2. (Q)   How will I know when my SMS/Talk/IDD Super Savers has finished or expired?
  (A)   You can check your balance or the expiry date by dialing *100#
3. (Q)   I have 2 minutes left from my Talk/IDD Super Saver. But I'd like to make a call that may last longer than that. How will I be charged?
  (A)   Once your 2 minutes are up, the call will automatically end. The next call you make will be charged according to the Hotlink plan that you are on.
4. (Q)   Can I use my SMS/Talk Super Saver to SMS or call overseas' numbers?
  (A)   SMS and Talk Super Savers are only valid for local calls and SMS to Hotlink and Maxis numbers. If you wish to make calls overseas at lower rates, you may purchase our IDD Super Savers by dialing *100# too.
5. (Q)   What is the minimum credit I must have before I can purchase SMS/Talk/IDD Super Saver?
  (A)   The minimum credit required is only RM10.50 before you can purchase the SMS or Talk Super Saver. After your purchase, your minimum credit balance required is RM0.50 before you can utilize the Super Savers.
6. (Q)   My IDD Super Saver expires at 12am but I made a call to Indonesia starting at 11:59pm until 12:15am. How will I be charged?
  (A)   Once it is 12am, the call will automatically end. The next call you make will be charged according to the Hotlink plan that you are on.
7. (Q)   I have 2 minutes of IDD minutes left. If I make a call to Indonesia that lasts 4 minutes, how will I be charged?
  (A)   The last call will be dropped once the minutes are fully utilized. In this case, you will have to redial the number after the call is dropped.
8. (Q)   Will I receive an SMS informing me of me balance after each call or SMS?
  (A)   No. However, you can check your balance by dialling *100#.
9. (Q)   Can I purchase an IDD Super Saver and an SMS Super Saver at the same time?
  (A)   Yes
10. (Q)   Can I purchase more than one of the same Super Savers on the same day prior to finishing the earlier one?
  (A)   You can only have one Super Saver at any one time in your Hotlink account.
11. (Q)   I tried to purchase an IDD Super Saver but received an error message.
  (A)   You will not be able to purchase a Super Saver if:
  • you have less than RM10.50 credit balance.
  • you have unutilized minutes/SMS from your previous Super Saver.
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