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There are four types of Hotlink Prepaid Top Up Tickets. The differences are as follows:
i)The RM5 Hotlink Prepaid Top Up Ticket has a 5-day Account Active Period.
ii) The RM10 Hotlink Prepaid Top Up Ticket has a 10-day Account Active Period.
iii) The RM30 Hotlink Prepaid Top Up Ticket has a 30-day Account Active Period.
iv) The RM60 Hotlink Prepaid Top Up Ticket has a 60-day Account Active Period.
v) The RM100 Hotlink Prepaid Top Up Ticket has a 100-day Account Active Period and comes with an additional RM5 airtime.

The tickets are available at any of our Maxis Centres, authorised Maxis mobile phone dealer outlets, departmental stores, supermarkets, record shops, petrol kiosks, newsstands, photo shops and also Public Bank Berhad's ATMs. The tickets are not tied to zones so you can use those bought in distant states.

To top up your Hotlink Prepaid using Top Up Tickets, follow these simple steps.
  Step 1

  Step 2

  Step 3

Scratch off the silver coating on the Top Up Ticket to reveal the 14-Digit PIN code.
Key in *111*<14-digit Top Up PIN code>#
For example:
Wait for the Top Up Confirmation SMS.
For example:
"Your top up has been successful. Balance: RM62.00 Expiry Date: 12.10.2004"
Alternatively, you can call 122 from your Hotlink and follow instructions to top up.

You can top up to a maximum value of RM1000. When this limit is reached, additional top ups will not be allowed until your balance falls below RM1000.

Note: If you do not reduce your balance below RM1000 before the expiration of your account, you will not be able to top up or make outgoing calls. Walk-in to any Maxis Centre or call 1 800 82 1222 from any phone for assistance. Local call charges apply.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused. The credit limit is imposed to help you reduce the risk of losing a large amount of credit if your phone happens to be stolen/misplaced.
An Expiry Date Reminder is played when your account is close to running out. During an outgoing call, the message will be played to advise you that your account has 2 days or less before your expiry date.

TIP - Pressing any key will skip this reminder. Please allow 5-10 seconds after the end of the reminder for your call to connect.
  Stay active and connected by topping up. Don't run the risk losing your account balance after 30 days and your mobile number after 90 days.  
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