Enjoy unlimited high-speed home fibre and 20GB mobile internet for just RM99/mth:

20GB high-speed internet &
unlimited calls & SMS

Surf all day long with 10GB YouTube + 10GB internet on your mobile.

Unlimited 30Mbps Home Fibre

FREE Maxperts installation to get the best WiFi coverage.

The most advance A.I Network

Malaysia’s most advance 5G-ready and fibre network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new with Hotlink Flex Plus Fibre and why should I be interested?
The new Hotlink Flex Plus Fibre plan allows you to enjoy mobile internet (10GB + 10GB YouTube) and home fibre 30Mbps (unlimited data) in 1 plan.
What is included in the Hotlink Flex Plus Fibre plan?
Hotlink Flex Plus Fibre plan combines the best of Hotlink Postpaid Mobile and Home Fibre.
Benefits that you can enjoy for Hotlink Postpaid plan:
  • Unlimited call and SMS
  • Mobile Internet (10GB + 10GB YouTube)
For Home Fibre 30Mbps:
  • Unlimited internet
  • Free wireless router
  • Free fibre installation (not appliable for Sunday/ Rest Day appointment)
How much is the Hotlink Flex Plus Fibre plan?
Hotlink Flex Plus Fibre is RM99 per month, please refer www.hotlink.com.my/flexplusfibre for offer details.
Do I have to pay advance payment or foreigner deposit?
For Malaysian, advance payment of one month of your monthly commitment fee is applicable and for foreigner, RM500 deposit is required.

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