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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotlink Online Store Postpaid Offer

  • Sign up a new Hotlink Postpaid 40 or 60 Plan on Hotlink Online Store during the campaign period to enjoy bill rebate as below:

    • Hotlink Postpaid 60: Get RM20 monthly bill rebate for 5 months (RM100)
    • Hotlink Postpaid 40: Get RM10 monthly bill rebate for 6 months (RM60)
  • The offer will be available until 31 January 2023.

  • All new and existing Hotlink customers who sign up for a new Hotlink Postpaid 40 or 60 (plan only or with device) on Hotlink Online Store will be eligible for the offer.

  • No, this offer is only available on Hotlink Online Store.

  • The rebate will be reflected from your 2nd bill onwards.

  • No. This offer is NOT available for sign up of Hotlink Postpaid 40 or 60 via Hotlink Jom Invite Member programme.

  • Yes, you are eligible to enjoy the Hotlink Online Store Offer if you register and claim your Jaringan Prihatin device or bill subsidy with your Hotlink Postpaid line.

  • You are eligible to enjoy bill rebate for each plan you signed up on Hotlink Online Store (Maximum two (2) Hotlink Postpaid lines per NRIC/passport).

  • The bill rebate you enjoy on Hotlink Postpaid will be forfeited if you do any of the following:

    • terminate your line/ ported out
    • change ownership to another person
    • suspend or barred your line
    • change plan from Hotlink Postpaid to Hotlink Prepaid

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Got questions about our ongoing programmes?

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