Jaringan Prihatin | Claim up to RM300 subsidy on Maxis & Hotlink plus FREE 60GB/mth now!

Jaringan Prihatin | Up to RM300 subsidy + FREE 60GB/mth

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Hotlink RED - Free 10GB Facebook

What is this FREE 10GB Facebook about?

Customers who join Hotlink Prepaid Plan will enjoy a FREE 10GB Facebook Internet Pass every month. The FREE 10GB Facebook will be refreshed every month according to the activation date, as long as the Hotlink account is active.

Existing Hotlink customers who changed to Hotlink Prepaid from other eligible Hotlink plans will also enjoy the FREE 10GB Facebook. However, Internet Passes carried forward from previous plans have to be depleted before the FREE Facebook can be utilized.


If I have multiple mobile Internet Passes as well as the 10GB Facebook, and I browse through Facebook, which pass will be utilized first?

The FREE 10GB Facebook will always be utilized first for all browsing through Facebook, with the exception of the FREE Prepaid Social Passes.

In the event you have redeemed a FREE Prepaid Social Pass, your Prepaid Social Pass will be utilized first if you are browsing Facebook.


If I am in the credit grace period, will I be able to utilize my FREE 10GB Facebook?

You will not be able to utilize your FREE 10GB Facebook if you are in the credit grace period. Top up to stay active and enjoy FREE 10GB Facebook monthly.

Note that reactivation via credit transfers (i.e. Ask-A-Top-Up, Share-A-Top-Up, Post-Aid-Top-Up, SOS-Top-Up, Maxis Pay & M-Money) is not valid for the FREE 10GB Facebook.