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Hotlink Credit & Maxis Direct Billing - Refund


Is there a refund for an Android app purchase that I do not like?    

Yes, you can request for a refund if it is within Google's refund policy window of 2 hours. To do so, just select the purchased app in Google Play™ and then select 'Refund'.

After 2 hours, you will see the option 'Uninstall' instead of a 'Refund'. 'Uninstall' will remove the app from your device but you will not receive a refund.


Can I still get a refund for my Android app purchase if the 2 hours refund window has expired?

You will need to contact the app developer directly for such request. It will be entirely up to the developer to decide if the request is valid. If it is valid, the developer will send the refund request to Google who will then inform Maxis to refund to you.

To contact the developers, please find their contact details in the app itself, or in the email notification that you received from Google after you have purchased the app.


What is Google’s refund policy for in-app purchases?

In- app purchases are additional services or contents that you can purchase from within the app. There is no 2 hours refund window period for in-app purchases. You will have to send such request to the app developer directly and all refunds given are at the discretion of the developer.


What is the refund policy for other types of content offered in Google Play™?


Will I be notified once I get a refund?

Yes, you will receive an SMS notification from Maxis.


What happens if I make multiple refunds?

In the event of excessively high refunds, your account may be stopped from making further transactions. Kindly contact our customer service for further clarification.