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Jaringan Prihatin | Up to RM300 subsidy + FREE 60GB/mth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotlink Credit & Maxis Direct Billing - Setup

    1. Open the Google Play Store app. (make sure you're signed in)
    2. Check WiFi is turned off, and you're on the Maxis/Hotlink 3G/4G network and SMS is enabled. 
    3. Go to Menu > Account > Add payment method > Bill my Maxis/Hotlink Account
    4. The new payment method is now added to your Google account.
    5. All set. Launch any app to start marking in-app purchase, or buy paid apps on Google Play Store. 
  • No, you only need to do it once before the first purchase.

  • To turn on password protection:

    1. Open Google Play app on your mobile device
    2. Go to the Menu icon > Settings
    3. Select Require authentication for purchases and choose a setting.
    4. Complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions.

    You are strongly advised to turn on password protection in Google Play as Maxis will not be responsible for any accidental/unwanted purchases that are charged to your Maxis/Hotlink account.

  • For Postpaid, your purchases will be billed in your next bill cycle. For Prepaid, your purchase will be deducted from your available credit.

    • For Postpaid, the limit is RM 500/month ( account tenure 4 months and above). For account tenure less than 4 months, the limit is RM55. To increase the limit, please contact customer services for assistance. For supplementary line customers, your purchase limit can only be changed by the principal line holder.
    • For Prepaid, it is no limit to make purchase on Google Play as long as you have sufficient Hotlink Credit.
  • The default purchase limit for postpaid is set at RM500, per month. Postpaid principal line customers may request for an increase by contacting our Customer Support for assistance. Increase in purchase limit is subject to Maxis’ discretion.

  • Yes, you and your principal line holder (if any) will receive an SMS notification once payment is made. You will also receive an email notification from Google, or you can check your purchase history in your Google Wallet.

  • If you are having this problem, please make the following changes to your settings:

    1. Ensure all data saver is switched off (phone & chrome settings)
    2. Under your phone settings, search for Apps >  Google Play Services > Storage > Clear data & clear cache. Do the same under Apps > Google Play Store.
    3. At the same time, ensure that under Apps > Google Play Services > Permissions, all permissions are allowed. Do the same under Apps > Google Play Store. If the above steps do not help with verification, you can contact the Google Customer Care Hotline.

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