Not enough credit?
Get it from Hotlink,
Pay Later!

SOS Internet is no longer available effective 16 January 2019

Your Emergency Life Saver
for Credit 

Ever been in an emergency but you have no credit left? Hotlink SOS has you covered.
With SOS Top Up, we’ll give you instant credit when you really need it.

SOS Top Up

SOS Top Up

Request SOS Top Up with just a tap when you run out of credit via the Hotlink RED app. Use first, pay later.

Anytime, Anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere

No matter where you are, Hotlink has you covered at all times. Keep enjoying all the fun and let us do the grunt. No more running out of credit & Internet ever again. 

Requesting for Hotlink SOS Top Up is so easy!

Via RED App:

  1. Tap ‘Home’ to view your credit balance,  then tap ‘Top Up'.

  2. Tap 'SOS TOP UP'.


Via UMB:

  1. Dial *100*4# and select ‘SOS Top Up’.

  2. If select ‘SOS Top Up’ OR, ‘SOS Internet. Choose ‘1’ to confirm.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hotlink SOS Top Up Offers?
SOS Top Up offers is a service which will grant you credit when you are in need.

Will my validity days be extended when I receive the credit from Hotlink?
Your validity will be extended depending on the amount of credit granted.