The advanced, intelligent network
that adapts to your needs


Watch how the cutting-edge Maxis A.I. Network
intuitively adapts itself for all kinds of situations

Why Maxis built an A.I. Network
Find out what goes into the making of our 5G-ready network.

How the Maxis A.I. Network works smarter and better

Super resilient network
Our intelligent traffic controller automatically reroutes to alternate data highways to ensure always-on connectivity.

Lowest latency network
The distributed intelligence of our network “brain” works faster to optimise for the shortest routes, thus minimising latency.

Enterprise-grade network
Our ever-growing suite of enterprise solutions addresses the mission-critical requirements of businesses with highly resilient, agile, and ready-to scale network services.

5G-ready infrastructure
We have the widest fibre-optic footprint to mobile base stations, backed by our next-generation IP Network that supports 5G speeds, robustness, and latency.

Future ready network
Our network predicts and plans for peak and growing traffic by analysing data traffic patterns to understand what drives demand, then scales up network capacity when needed.

Always on network
With our 5-point automated diagnostic system, we can predict hardware outages before they happen. We also use high-performance drones and A.I technology for precise, efficient network tower structural fault detection and prediction.

Optimised service assurance
We deliver on our first call resolution promise with an integrated customer care dashboard that allows us to resolve network issues faster, with pro-active network notifications for earlier business contingency planning.

Energy efficient network
We optimise energy consumption by learning network usage patterns, then automatically tuning down the base station amplifier.

Watch how the A.I. Network team works
smarter at infrastructure maintenance

How Maxis maintains the A.I. Network
Meet Nadia and her new partner in network infrastructure inspection!

Malaysia’s most advanced mobile and fibre network

The A.I. Network has more than 9 in every 10 Malaysians covered – bringing you Malaysia’s fastest download speeds, lowest latency and lowest packet loss on mobile, and the highest percentage of promised download speeds on fibre.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the A.I. Network?    

The Maxis A.I. Network is an Advanced and Intelligent network that leverages the latest smart networking technologies to continually optimise for your Internet needs.
As Malaysia’s Internet demand increases and the nation prepares for 5G, Maxis has modernised the network through artificial intelligence and automation to prepare for tomorrow’s requirements while ensuring an optimal Internet experience for our customers today.

How does being on the A.I. Network affect my Internet experience today? 
The Maxis A.I. Network is built to maintain fastest speeds, lowest latency, lowest packet loss and overall high resilience in preparation for the network demands of the future.
Maxis customers are therefore able to access increasingly richer content or faster applications at all times while enjoying the following:
  • Seamless HD video viewing experience
  • Lowest latency for uninterrupted gaming experience
  • Optimised network for high peak usage performance
  • Always On Network Experience

How makes the Maxis network 5G-ready today?
While awaiting spectrum allocation for the Malaysian environment, we’ve put 5G-ready network infrastructure in place in the following ways:

  1. Maxis has the widest fibre-optic footprint to mobile base stations in preparation for 5G rollout.
  2. Our Next-Gen IP Network ensures that our core and backhaul are ready to support 5G speeds,robustness and latency.
  3. Maxis provides the first commercial NB-IOT service in Malaysia – a 5G-like technology that allows businesses today to tap into advanced data analytics for valuable insights that enable cost savings, improved efficiency and new business opportunities.

When do we expect 5G to be available in Malaysia? Do I need to change my device/ SIM card to enjoy 5G connectivity?
Substantial 5G rollout is expected to be around 2021 for two main reasons:

  1. The spectrum to be used for 5G has not been determined yet by the authorities;
  2.  5G-compatible devices are not yet available locally.

We will certainly make compatible devices/ SIM cards available with the launch of our 5G Network.

What is 5G and what will it offer that we do not enjoy today?
5G stands for the fifth generation of mobile communication standards, superseding 4G technologies. What it offers:

  • 10x higher speeds than what 4G can provide today, and up to gigabit speeds for applications such as fixed wireless access
  •  fibre-like speed over mobile/ wireless connections
  •  capability of supporting billions of connected devices at the same time
  • real-time sensitive online applications, e.g. remote surgery