E-Hot Tickets - Social Edition


How do I buy this Hot Ticket?

This Hot ticket is only available on selected Hotlink plans. Go to Hotlink RED app to find out exclusive passes for your Hotlink plan today!


What do I get with RM10 Social Edition Hot Ticket?

  • RM7 airtime (credit)
  • 300MB - For all day use
  • 1GB – valid from 2am - 7am only 
  • 500MB Social access to Facebook, Twitter, & WhatsApp
  • Valid for 5 days (*Validity starts from the day of purchase)


What can the airtime be used for?

The RM7 airtime can be used for voice, video calls & SMS to all local networks.


What is the charging rate for the the Hot Ticket airtime?

Charging rate is at 12sen/min & 5 sen/SMS to Hotlink & Maxis network, and 36sen/min & 10sen/SMS to other local networks.


Can I use the airtime for IDD calls?

Airtime: Dial *122# > local balance 
Data Dial *100# > Internet Passes Status 


How do I check my balances?

No, the airtime is for local networks only. 


If I have a balance for both RM30 normal credit topup and RM10 Social Hot Ticket (RM7 airtime), what will happen to my usage?

Hot Ticket credit will be prioritized. Upon full utilization of Hot ticket, deduction of credit/airtime from main account will follow. 


Can I purchase another RM10 Social Edition Hot Ticket if I already have an existing active pass?

Yes you may. The data passes of Social Edition Hot Ticket are time-based passes. You may have more than one active time-based pass at any given time.


What happens if I still have unutilized airtime after the validity period?

Unutilized airtime will be forfeited after the expiry date.


What is the charging block for the airtime?

The charging block for the airtime is at 60-second block.