Hotlink Mobile Internet Pass

What is this Non Stop RED Social and RED Chat?

Hotlink RED customers that buy any Internet Pass will be eligible to redeem one FREE Non Stop RED Pass. You may choose between a Non Stop RED Social or Non Stop RED Chat Pass.

RED Social Unlimited
No Facebook
RED Chat Unlimited
No WhatsApp

The Non Stop RED Pass validity is only redeemable via the Hotlink RED App. Once you receive the SMS confirmation, your pass is activated and you may now enjoy unlimited data on your favourite apps!

How long is the Non Stop RED Pass valid for?

The Non Stop RED Pass validity will start from the time of redemption and will end according to the base Internet Pass that you purchased. For example, if you bought a weekly RM10 internet pass which expires in 7 days and you redeem your Free Non Stop RED pass on the same day, your FREE Non Stop RED Pass will expire the same time as your base weekly Internet Pass.  

Can I tether the Free Non Stop RED Pass to my laptop?

Yes you may tether the Non Stop RED Pass to other devices. However, there will be a speed cap of 5mbps applied to the tethered data.  

Who is eligible to buy the SUPERRR VIDEO RM6 and RM10?

Customers using Hotlink RED or Hotlink RED ECEM are eligible to buy SUPERRR VIDEO passes.

What is IDD credit and what can I use it for?

IDD credit is credit that can only be used for IDD calls or SMS to the 10 selected countries listed below. IDD calls or SMS to any other country outside the selected list will be deducted from your main credit.

Eligible countries:-

  • Indonesia
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
The SUPERRR VIDEO RM10 comes with 1GB YouTube. What can I use the 1GB YouTube for?

The 1GB YouTube can only be used for browsing or downloads on YouTube. However, browsing on some Google applications may also deduct quota from the 1GB YouTube.

Can I buy multiple Hot Ticket IDDs?

Yes you may buy multiple Hot Ticket IDDs. However, you can only stack up a maximum of RM100 IDD credit at any one time. Unused IDD credit and data will be forfeited after the expiry date.

Who is eligible to buy the new daily passes?

Customers on Hotlink RED or Hotlink RED ECEM can purchase the new daily passes. Not on Hotlink RED? Upgrade now via the Hotlink RED app!

Which applications are offered on the RM1 Music Unlimited pass?

This pass offers unlimited internet on your favourite music applications at only RM1 for 24 hours. This includes applications such as Spotify, JOOX, KKBox, and many more. For a complete list of applications, please refer to

What can I do with the YouTube Unlimited Pass?

With YouTube Unlimited, you can watch and download your favourite YouTube videos as much as you want for 24 hours! Browsing any other website will draw from your other internet passes or from your free basic internet if you do not have an internet pass. The YouTube Unlimited Pass is limited to speeds of 1Mbps, which offers streaming at standard definition.

Can I buy multiple Larut Malam 10GB passes?

Yes, the 10GB Larut Malam pass is stackable. However, internet usage is only permitted during the Larut Malam period of 1am to 7am. Any usage outside this time will draw data from your other internet passes or from your free basic internet if you do not have an internet pass.

Which Hotlink plan is eligible for the Non-Stop Internet passes?

You will be able to enjoy the Non-Stop Internet passes if you are on the Hotlink RED or Hotlink RED ECEM plan. Just buy any of the selected passes and redeem one free Non-Stop Internet pass.

How do I redeem the Non-Stop Internet passes?

After you purchase any of the selected Internet Passes, go to Hotlink RED app and click “Claim” on the Home page. You can also claim via easy menu by dialing *100#. Go to 3 NEW Unlimited Internet > 3 Claim FREE Internet.

What can I do with the Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass?

With the Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass, you get to enjoy unlimited internet usage from 1am-7am for 5 of your favourite video apps as below:-

What happens if I browse the 5 video applications for the Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass at hours other than the 1am to 7am period?

If you browse any of the 5 video applications outside of the 1am to 7am window, your usage will be deducted from your base Mobile Internet pass and not from the Free Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass.

Can I redeem multiple Non-Stop Internet passes?

Yes, the Non-Stop Internet passes are stackable. For example, if you buy two of the selected Mobile Internet passes, you will be able to redeem any two of the Non-Stop Internet passes.

Since the application NJOI is also under Astro, is it also part of the Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass?

Unfortunately, no. Only AstroGo (Astro On the Go) is eligible for the unlimited internet usage during 1am to 7am with the Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass. You may also use YouTube, Viu, iFlix or Tonton during this period.