RED Video


Which Hotlink plan is eligible for the Non-Stop Internet passes?

You will be able to enjoy the Non-Stop Internet passes if you are on the Hotlink RED or Hotlink RED ECEM plan. Just buy any of the selected passes and redeem one free Non-Stop Internet pass.


How do I redeem the Non-Stop Internet passes?

After you purchase any of the selected Internet Passes, go to Hotlink RED app and click “Claim” on the Home page. You can also claim via easy menu by dialing *100#. Go to 3 NEW Unlimited Internet > 3 Claim FREE Internet.


What can I do with the Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass?

With the Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass, you get to enjoy unlimited internet usage from 1am-7am for 5 of your favourite video apps as below:-



What happens if I browse the 5 video applications for the Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass at hours other than the 1am to 7am period?

If you browse any of the 5 video applications outside of the 1am to 7am window, your usage will be deducted from your base Mobile Internet pass and not from the Free Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass.


Can I redeem multiple Non-Stop Internet passes?

Yes, the Non-Stop Internet passes are stackable. For example, if you buy two of the selected Mobile Internet passes, you will be able to redeem any two of the Non-Stop Internet passes.


Since the application NJOI is also under Astro, is it also part of the Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass?

Unfortunately, no. Only AstroGo (Astro On the Go) is eligible for the unlimited internet usage during 1am to 7am with the Non-Stop Video Midnight Pass. You may also use YouTube, Viu, iFlix or Tonton during this period.