ReloadPlus Internet - 3x more internet promo


What is this promotion all about?

From 20th August 2015 onwards, you get 3X extra quota with the following ReloadPlus denominations:

  1. RM10 ReloadPlus = RM10 credit (local talktime) + 100 300MB
  2. RM15 ReloadPlus = RM15 credit (local talktime) + 250 750MB


Who is eligible for this promo?

All Hotlink customers (excluding WBB & Tablet Plan) who purchase an RM10 or RM15 ReloadPlus will be eligible.


Is this applicable to ReloadPlus purchase via all channels?

Yes. This is applicable to ticket purchase from any Hotlink stores, and purchase via Red App & UMB *100# menu.


When will I receive the extra quota?

The quota will be credited automatically together with base quota upon activation.

Eg: RM10 Reloadplus = RM10 local talktime credit + 300MB

For other FAQ on the product, please refer to ReloadPlus FAQ on