ReloadPlus Internet - General


What is ReloadPlus?
ReloadPlus is a new & better choice to top-up/reload, packed with more value than traditional top up. Here's a comparison of ReloadPlus vs traditional top-up;.

What You Pay

(by denomination)

What You Get
Traditional Top Up

RM10 + 100MB 300MB

4G/LTE internet

(valid 7 days)


(valid 10 days)


RM15 + 750MB

4G/LTE internet

(valid 7 days)


(valid 15 days)


Where can I get the ReloadPlus?
You can purchase the reload by:

  1. Visiting your nearest Hotlink dealer or Maxis centre for a ReloadPlus ticket.
  2. Activate electronically via self serve menu by dialing *100*1*1#. You will need sufficient credit for electronic activation.
  3. Activate via Hotlink Red App under ‘ReloadPlus’ menu


If I purchase a physical ReloadPlus RM10 ticket, do I get 10 days validity on my main account lifecycle?
Yes, your account lifecycle will extend 10 days upon activation. However, the RM10 talk & text airtime is valid for 7 days only.


What can I use with the airtime given?
Local airtime  : voice, video calls & SMS to all local networks


What is the call & SMS charging rate for the airtime?
The charging rate for voice/SMS is the same as customer’s current rate plan.


What about other usages? Can I purchase MI & content with the credit given?


What is the speed of the extra internet that comes with the ReloadPlus?
The extra internet with the reload is High Speed Mobile Internet (4G/LTE enabled), with uncapped internet speed up to 75Mbps on Maxis mobile network.


What do you mean by unlimited maximum usage? What will happen after I used 100% of the high speed internet quota?
It means once you’ve exceed your High Speed internet quota, you will still be able to continue browsing at reduced speeds with NO additional charges until the end of validity.
You may alternatively:

  1. Purchase another ReloadPlus to continue at full uncapped speed.
  2. If you have an active RM15 ReloadPlus, you may top up a daily pass at ONLY RM1 for 100MB with ‘ReloadPlus deals’. (Dial *100*1*1# to purchase)


Can I carry forward my local airtime after the end of validity period?


Can I buy more than one ReloadPlus within a week?
Yes, there are no limit on maximum amount of purchase.


How do I check my balance?
Dial *100# > Hot Deals> ReloadPlus > Check balance. Alternatively, you may dial *100*1*1*1#


If I stack multiple ReloadPlus within a week, can the airtime be accumulated? What is the maximum accumulation of airtime allowed?
Yes, the airtime can be accumulated if the next ReloadPlus is activated within validity period. Maximum amount of airtime a customer can hold should not exceed RM30.

Validity of any ReloadPlus activation is 7 days, starting from the day of activation.


Does ReloadPlus auto-renew after expiry?


Currently I have balance airtime for main account credit & ReloadPlus. What is the charging precedence when I make a call?
The ReloadPlus airtime will be deducted first. Once the balance is depleted, the main credit balance will be utilized.


I have purchased ReloadPlus. However, my internet is not on 4G/LTE. What went wrong?
It is possible that:

  • Your device does not support 4G/LTE
  • Your SIM card is not 4G/LTE capable. Please proceed to the nearest Maxis Centre to upgrade your SIM.
  • You have moved out of 4G/LTE coverage area


Can I purchase another Mobile Internet pass while my ReloadPlus is still active?


What is ReloadPlus deals?
ReloadPlus deals is a ReloadPlus superstore, loaded with great add-on deals exclusive to selected ReloadPlus denominations only.


Who can buy ReloadPlus deals? How do I buy it?
ReloadPlus deals is applicable to any Hotlink subscriber who has an active ReloadPlus RM15. To visit ReloadPlus deals superstore, dial *100*1*1# & select ‘ReloadPlus Deals’.


What is this promo all about?
From 7th May onwards, you can enjoy double quota with the following ReloadPlus denominations:

  1. RM10 ReloadPlus = RM10 credit (local talktime) + 100 300MB
  2. RM15 ReloadPlus = RM15 credit (local talktime) + 250 750MB


Who is eligible for this promo?
All Hotlink customers (excluding WBB & Tablet Plan) who purchase RM10 or RM15 ReloadPlus are eligible.


Is this applicable for ReloadPlus purchases via all channels?
Yes, this is applicable for ticket purchases from any Hotlink store, via the Red app and UMB *100# menu.