Hotlink TVNow - General


What is Hotlink TVNOW?

Hotlink TVNOW is a service that allows users to watch TV shows and movies on-the-go via multiple devices from various video streaming providers. There are four service providers namely iflix, Viu, dimsum and Eros Now. To know more about each of the services, kindly visit their official website at:


What are the major benefits of subscribing to TVNOW from Hotlink

By subscribing to Hotlink's Entertainment Plan, you enjoy the convenience of paying for subscription through Hotlink prepaid credit. Apart from that, you can watch TV shows and movies through multiple devices such as laptop, tablet and smartphone.


How much is the price for Hotlink TVNow?

For iflix, ErosNow and Viu you only need to pay RM10/month which includes 1-month premium subscription. dimsum is - RM13.90/month for 1-month premium subscription.


Do I need to subscribe to any data pass to buy Hotlink TVNow service?

Nope! You can always subscribe for Hotlink TVNow service as long you are an active Hotlink customer.


I am subscribed to iflix/Viu/dimsum/ErosNow via credit card. Can I move my subscription to Hotlink so that the subscription fee can be charged to my Hotlink airtime?

Yes, you may subscribe to these services via Hotlink at any time. However, because the fee is charged to your mobile number, we advise that in order to avoid double charges you need to cancel your credit card renewal directly over the service provider's application or website.


How do I subscribe to this 30-days FULL access offer (free trial)?

Click on the 'GET YOUR 30-DAY FREE TRIAL' button and you will be redirected to the download page.

Choose any of the video streaming partner that you would like to subscribe to via Hotlink at


Can I unsubscribe to this service before the free trial ends?

Yes, you may unsubscribe at any time.


Will my trial subscription be auto-renewed?

Yes, your trial subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of your 30-day trial. Should you not want to continue to avoid being charged, please cancel the service subscription.


What will happen when my TVNow data streaming quota has been completely utilised?

Upon full utilisation of the data streaming bundled pass, all subsequent streaming usage will draw from your existing plan. This bundled video streaming data will be allocated again at the next successful subscription renewal.


Can I use this service when I'm overseas?

Sorry, you cannot use this service when you're overseas.