International Roaming - Data Roam Pass


What is a Data Roam Pass?

The "Data Roam Pass" is a Roaming Mobile Internet pass that allows subscriber to have Internet browsing whilst travelling in overseas. It is a daily pass at RM38/day.


How do I subscribe to a Data Roam Pass?

To subscribe dial *100#, go to 'International Roaming', choose a 'Country' and select 'Buy Daily Pass'.


Will I be informed on the subscription?

We will inform you via SMS when your pass has been successfully activated, for both manual and auto subscriptions. Alternatively, you can check via check status through *100#.


What does the Data Roam Pass offer?

The pass offers Mobile Internet Browsing when a subscriber is travelling abroad. The pass enables mobile internet browsing till midnight of visiting countries capital city time each day. Just like domestic passes, Fair Usage Policy 'FUP' applies during roaming i.e. Upon exhaustion of the respective pass fair usage quota, you will experience a reduced internet speed.


In which countries are the Data Roam Pass available?

Data Roam Pass is available in 106 countries. Click here to view the list of countries.


How much does the pass cost & what is the validity?

The Data Roam is RM38 per day. The pass is valid till midnight of the visiting countries capital city time e.g. If you are in Australia, the pass expires at 12 midnight Canberra time.


If I’ve reached my daily Fair Usage Quota, can I still do data roaming without any additional charges?

Yes. You can still continue browsing without any data charges even though you have reached your fair usage quota before time expiry of the pass. However, your Internet Usage Speed will be reduced till the end of the day.


Can I restore my Internet Speed upon reaching the daily fair usage quota?

Yes. You can restore your Internet Usage Speed by buying a 'Data Top Up - RM5/50MB' which is available in 16 countries or by buying a NEW Daily Data Roam Pass at RM38/day.

To subscribe dial *100# > International Roaming > Country > TopUp Data. Click here to view the list of countries.


What does the 'Data TopUp' offers and how long is valid for?

Data TopUp is RM5 for 50MB; the top up restores the internet browsing speed. Data TopUp is just like all other data roaming passes and is valid till 23:59 (midnight) of visiting countries' capital city.


Can I unsubscribe from a Data Roam Pass or Data TopUp?

No, the pass will expire automatically once the pass time duration has reach.


How many Data Roam Pass/ Data TopUp can I buy at one time?

There is no maximum limit to the number of passes you can subscribe; the pass(es) are stackable i.e. you can buy as many even before the fair usage quota expires. However, please note that the pass is only valid for one day and expires at midnight of the visiting local country's capital city.


Can I use this pass in any phone e.g. iPhone /Blackberry /Android/ Windows?



How much do I have to pay if my usage exceeds the Fair Usage?

If you have exhausted your fair usage quota and still continue browsing , your internet browsing speed will be reduced till the pass expiry but these usages will NOT incur extra charges.


How will I keep track of my pass usage & Expiry?

A 80% & 100% quota expiry SMS notification will be sent to you once you reached your daily fair usage; along with this we will also send a Time based SMS notification one hour prior to your pass expiry and upon pass expiry. 

Alternatively, you can dial *100#, select 'International Roaming', select and choose 'Check Status' to check your pass validity.


I have purchased DataRoam Pass in Singapore. Can I use the same pass in Thailand on the same day?

All DataRoam passes including the Add-Ons & TopUp are country specific Eg Singapore passes cannot be used in Thailand or other countries.

If you are traveling to multiple countries a day, you will need to activate DataRoam Pass for each country and browse on the respective preferred operators.


Can I use the Data Roam Pass or Data TopUp in Malaysia?

No, these passes are exclusive for Roaming usage ONLY.


How can I check the pass validity or usage?

You can check both the pass validity & usage via 'check status'; Dial *100# > International Roaming > Check Status.


How long is these Daily Data Roam promotion is valid?

The promotion is valid till further notice.


If I use data roaming without a pass, how much will I be charged?

You will be charged pay-per-use at RM5/MB or RM30/MB depending on the visited country.