International Roaming - Prepaid Roaming Social Pass


What is a Social Pass?

The “Social Pass” is a Roaming Mobile Internet pass that allows subscribers to have Unlimited Internet browsing on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp with FREE quota to browse other sites e.g. 50MB for 1Day Pass & 200MB for 3Days Pass.

Types of Passes:

1 Day Social Pass – RM10/day with FREE 50MB

3 Days Social Pass – RM20/3days with FREE 200MB


How do I subscribe to a Social Pass?

You can subscribe to the pass via UMB; dial *100#, go to 'International Roaming', choose a 'Country' and select 'Buy Social Pass' ; you will then have an option to buy either a 1Day or 3Days Pass


What does the Social Pass offer?

Social Pass offers 'Unlimited' access to facebook/twitter/whatsapp whilst roaming. The pass also includes FREE quota of 50/200MB for other 'Non-Allowed' sites browsing. Upon exhaustion of this 50/200MB, you will experience a reduced internet speed at 64kbps when browsing the 'Non-Allowed' sites. Internet speed for 'Allowed Unlimited Browsing Sites' will NOT be interrupted throughout the pass validity. To restore the internet speed for 'Non-Allowed' site, you can upgrade your quota by subscribing to Data TopUp - RM5/50MB.


In which countries are the Social Pass available?

The pass is available in:

Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Macau, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan,Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, UAE.


How much does the pass cost & what is the validity?

The Social Pass is RM10/day and RM20/3days. The pass is valid till midnight of the visiting countries capital city time e.g. If you are in Australia, the pass expires at 12 midnight Canberra time.


What are the 'Allowed Unlimited Browsing Websites' for this pass?

WhatsApp Messenger


What browsing does the pass DOES NOT include?

The Roaming - Social Pass DOES NOT include the following:

  • Opera Mini browser
  • Any other internet usage that is not part of “Allowed Free Site”

If you were to access internet via any of the above, your usage will be drawn from your allocated volume quota (50MB or 200MB).


I’ve exhausted my free quota before the time expiry of the pass; can I still browse the “Allowed Unlimited Browsing Sites” without any data charges?

Yes. You can still browse the “Allowed Unlimited Browsing Sites” without any data charges even though you have exhausted your free quota before the time expiry of the pass. However, your Internet Usage Speed will be reduced when you are browsing the NOT part of the “Allowed Unlimited Browsing Sites”.


Can I restore my Internet Usage Speed to browse the 'Non - Allowed' browsing sites upon the exhaustion of my free 50/200MB quota?

Yes. You can restore your Internet Usage Speed by buying a 'Data Top Up - RM5/50MB'. 


To subscribe dial *100# > International Roaming > Country > TopUp Data.

What does the 'Data Top Up' offer and how long is it valid for?

Data Top Up is RM5 for 50MB; the top up restores the internet browsing speed for 'Non-Allowed' sites. Data Top Up is just like all other data roaming passes and is valid till 23:59 (midnight) of visiting countries' capital city.


Can I unsubscribe from a Social Pass or Data TopUp?

No. the pass will expire automatically at midnight of the visiting city capital city's time.


How many Data TopUp can I buy at one time?

There is no maximum limit to the no. of Data TopUp you can subscribe; the Data TopUp's are stackable i.e. you can buy as many even before the TopUp quota expires. However, please note that the Data TopUp is only valid for one day and expires at midnight of the visiting local country's capital city.


I have subscribed an 'RM38 Data Roaming' Pass, can I still subscribe a 'Social Pass'?



I had subscribe a 'Social Pass' Pass, can I still subscribe a 'RM38 Data Roaming'?



Can I use this pass in any phone e.g. iPhone /Blackberry /Android/ Windows?



I've bought the Social Pass but my data usage is being drawn from the free quota though I'm browsing within the "Allowed Free Sites".

This might probably be due to other applications running & accessing internet at the same time. To avoid unintended data consumption, kindly turn off all applications (Eg:email sync, calendar sync) or notifications which access internet.


How much do I have to pay if my usage exceeds the volume cap of the Social Pass (i.e. 50/200MB)?

If you have exhausted your 50/100MB free quota and still continue browsing on non-free sites, your internet browsing speed will be reduced till the pass expiry but these usages will NOT incur extra charges.


How will I keep track of my Social Pass/ Data TopUp usage & Expiry?

A 80% & 100% quota expiry SMS notification will be sent to you for the 50MB free internet usage; along with this we will also send a Time based SMS notification one hour prior to your pass expiry and upon pass expiry. 


Alternatively, you can dial *100#, select 'International Roaming', select and choose 'Check Status' to check your pass validity.

Can I use a Singapore Social Pass or Singapore Data TopUp in other countries?

No; each respective country passes are only valid in that country. E.g. Singapore passes/ data topup cannot be used in Thailand or other country.


Can I use the Social Pass or Data TopUp in Malaysia?

No, these passes are exclusive for Roaming usage ONLY.


Can I buy more than ONE Social Pass a day?

No; Social Passes are NOT stackable hence you can only subscribe to one pass a day. Should you need to increase your data quota upon existing the FREE 50MB/200MB, you will need to subscribe to the Data Top Up - RM5/50MB.