Hotlink FAST - Internet Passes


I am currently subscribed to RM35 for 5GB monthly Internet Pass. Can I subscribe to a different weekly/monthly pass, i.e. RM45 for 8GB?

No, only ONE active FAST Internet pass is allowed at any time. However, you may subscribe to another pass when your current pass quota utilization has reached 100%.


I do not have any active Internet Pass. Will I be charged pay-per-use rates of 10sen/10kb when I surf the net?

There will be no pay-per-use data charges on this plan to prevent accidental usages by our customers. To provide worry-free surfing & always-on connectivity, all Hotlink FAST customers can still enjoy FREE Social Chat even if you do not have any active Internet Pass.


I am currently on #hotlink plan. Can I buy a FAST Internet Pass?

FAST Internet Passes are exclusive to Hotlink FAST Plan customers only. 

To change your plan, log on to RED App> My Account > Change rate plan or dial *100*6*1#.


How am I charged for Mobile Internet when I am roaming?

For the latest roaming rates, search for ‘data roaming’ on the Hotlink site.


What are FAST Internet Add-ons?

These are additional quota you may purchase to top up on your current weekly/Monthly Internet Pass. To purchase an add-on, you MUST have an active weekly/monthly Internet Pass.


What is the validity of the add-ons?

The FAST Internet add-ons validity will be aligned to your active weekly/monthly Internet Pass.

eg. Validity of current Monthly Internet pass : 20th May – 19th June. Any add-on purchased within this period will end on 19th June.


Can I use the quota for all types of browsing?

Yes. Add-on quota are applicable for all internet usages on all Maxis network (2G/3G/4G).


Who can buy the add-ons and how do I find them?

Internet Add-ons are only available to Hotlink FAST Plan subscribers. 

To buy, logon to Hotlink RedApp & select ‘Shop’ -> ‘Passes’. Alternatively, dial *100# , select ‘Best Sellers’ -> ‘Internet Add-ons’ and select your desired add-on.


Can I buy multiple add-on at a time?

Yes, you may stack multiple add-ons at any time.


Will I be notified on the status of my internet usages?

Yes, you will receive 80% & 100% usage notification for all your FAST Internet Pass components.


I have finished 100% of my 2GB quota from RM30 2GB pass. Can I still continue surfing? What are the charges incurred?

You may continue surfing at no charge at reduced internet speed until your pass renews. 

 To unlock your speed, purchase a FAST Internet Add-on from Hotlink RED App or dial *100# > FAST Internet Add-ons.


My FAST Internet Pass will be ending tonight at 11:59pm. Do I need to re-subscribe when my pass ends?

No, your pass will be auto-renewed. Please ensure you have sufficient credit for the renewal.


I do not have sufficient credit and my renewal failed. Do I need to re-subscribe again when I have performed top-up?

Yes. Once you have sufficient credit, re-subscribe FAST Internet Pass from your Hotlink RED App or dial *100# > FAST Internet Passes.