Hotlink FAST - FREE 2GB 4G Weekend for LIFE


What is this promo all about?

Customers who join Hotlink FAST Plan within promo period will enjoy FREE 2GB every weekend, for life. Customers will receive 1GB 4G/LTE on Saturday, and another 1GB 4G/LTE on Sunday every week.


When will I get the FREE 2GB Weekend pass & how do I use it?

The FREE pass will be fulfilled to you upon SIM activation, and will be renewed no later than 00:00am every Saturday. The FREE 2GB is valid for use:

  (i)  every weekend (1GB for Saturday, 1GB for Sunday)

  (ii) on Maxis 4G/LTE networks

  (iii) as long as your Hotlink account is on ‘active’ status

Existing Hotlink customers who changed plan to Hotlink Fast will also enjoy the above. However carried forward internet passes from previous plan has to be depleted first before the weekend pass can be utilized.


How can I enjoy 4G/LTE quota?

(i) Ensure that you are using a 4G LTE enabled device

(ii) Make sure you have a 4G LTE enabled SIM (visit your nearest Maxis Centre to upgrade your SIM for FREE)

(iii) Turn on 4G or LTE on your mobile device

(iv) Ensure that you are within 4G LTE coverage area


For how long will I get to enjoy FREE 2GB 4G Weekend?

For all customers who joined Hotlink FAST plan within promo period will be able to enjoy this promo for life, ie for as long as the activated SIM remained active on Hotlink FAST Plan.


I have an active Internet Pass on Saturday/Sunday. Which quota will be deducted first ?

The deduction of quota will follow the below order:

  1. Free 2GB weekend 4G pass
  2. Daily/Weekly/Monthly passes


Will I be notified on the status of my internet usages?

Yes, you will receive 80% & 100% usage notification.


I have finished 100% of my FREE 1GB Saturday quota before end of Saturday. Can I still continue surfing? What are the charges incurred?

You may continue to stay connected with FREE Social Chat at no charge. 


 For all internet usages, purchase an Internet Pass from Hotlink RED App (download for FREE at App Store/Google Play™ Store) or dial *100#>Internet Passes.

My account lifecycle is in credit grace period (inactive) & I’m unable to use the FREE weekend pass. How can I reactivate my account to active status?

Top Up to stay active.

Note that reactivation via credit transfers (i.e. Ask-A-Top-Up, Share-A-Top-Up, Post-Aid-Top-Up, SOS-Top-Up, Maxis Pay & M-Money) is not valid for the FREE 2GB Weekend pass.