Hotlink FAST - Happy Hour


What is Hotlink Happy Hour? Who is eligible for the offer?

Happy Hour lets you enjoy FREE 1GB High speed internet for an hour of your choice, everyday.


Who is eligible for the FREE Happy Hour internet?

All Hotlink customers with an active pass below is entitled to redeem Free Happy Hour internet everyday.


RM10 1GB weekly pass
RM30 2GB monthly pass
RM35 5GB monthly pass
RM45 8GB monthly pass
RM60 8GB Hotlink RED pass

How do I redeem my Free Happy Hour?

To redeem, log on to Hotlink Red App & click ‘claim’ button on the home page. Alternatively, dial *868#.


How many Happy Hour internet can I redeem per day?

You can redeem One Happy Hour Free pass per day, as long as you are subscribed to one or more of the eligible passes above.


If I have an active daily pass and a Happy Hour pass, which quota will be deducted first?

Happy Hour internet pass will be deducted first for all internet usages.