Hotlink SUPERRR Plan - General

How do I get the Free 10GB YouTube? 
The Free 10GB YouTube is only applicable on the Hotlink Superrr plan. All you need to do is remain active and you will get 2.5GB YouTube every week. The 2.5GB YouTube will be refreshed every 7 days from your date of activation.


What is 2X FREE YouTube?
You get 2X more internet quota specifically for YouTube and Tonton when you buy any of the selected mobile internet passes. All you need to do is go to the Hotlink RED app and click “claim” to redeem your free YouTube quota. 

•I bought a RM35 for 6GB internet pass. Valid 30days.
•I am eligible to redeem a FREE 12GB YouTube internet pass.
•I go to the Hotlink RED app, and click “Claim” on the homepage.
•I can now watch all my favourite movies, drama series and music videos on YouTube and Tonton!


What happens if I finish my 2X FREE YouTube quota?
If you are watching YouTube, once you finish utilizing the 2X FREE YouTube quota, the internet quota will draw from the FREE 10GB YouTube quota that you get with the plan. Once you finish that quota as well, subsequent browsing on YouTube will draw quota from your next available mobile internet pass. 


Can I redeem the 2X FREE YouTube quota more than once?
Each purchase of selected mobile internet pass entitles you to redeem only one (1) free pass. Purchase another eligible mobile internet pass and you will be able to redeem another free pass.


Can I redeem the 2X FREE YouTube if I purchase a Hot Ticket IDD on Superrr?
Unfortunately, no. The 2X FREE YouTube is only applicable for selected Mobile internet purchases. The Superrr Hot Tickets come with FREE IDD credit! The FREE IDD credit is applicable to 10 selected countries; Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Pakistan & Thailand.