Hotlink Tourist - General


How much is the Hotlink Tourist SIM and what will it come with?

The Hotlink SIM starter pack comes preloaded with RM5 credit and 8GB high-speed Internet, both valid for 15 days. It will also include FREE 60 minute(s) domestic calls & FREE 60 minute(s) IDD calls to China & India.


What are the voice call & SMS rates?

Enjoy a flat rate of 15sen/30-sec & 15sen/SMS to all local networks. Video call rate is the same as voice call rate.


How do I use the Internet? Will I be charged pay-per-use rates of 10sen/10kb?

With the Hotlink Tourist SIM , you will not be charged pay-per-use rates.

To use the Internet, purchase an Internet Pass by dialing *100#.


How do I manage my account on this plan? E.g. Buy Internet passes, check my balance etc.

To check on your account balances or to purchase additional Internet you may dial *100#.


What is the life cycle of the Hotlink Tourist SIM?

Hotlink Tourist SIM gives you a 15-day active period upon activation.


What will happen to my unused credit after the active period?

Your unused credit after the active period will be forfeited & your line will be terminated.


What will happen to my ongoing Internet subscription after the active period?

All purchased Internet subscriptions will be terminated, unused quota will be forfeited & your line will be terminated after the 15-day period.


What happens if I exhaust my Internet quota?

Once you have exhausted your Internet quota, your browsing speed will be throttled to 64kbps & subjected to our Fair Usage Policy (FUP).


How do I enjoy the Hotlink Tourist SIM benefits?

Please retain the SIM packaging & card and take it to the respective malls' concierges to receive the mall's tourist card, which will entitle you to special discounts & offers at participating merchants.

You can find out more details by following the QR code provided on the SIM pack sleeve.