I have migrated my Hotlink plan to the new #Hotlink Plan. Am I eligible for the new joiner’s FREE 100MB offer?
No, the offer is only applicable to new customers who activate a new #Hotlink SIM card.


Do I still retain all my existing Hotlink benefits after migration to #Hotlink?
All Hotlink benefits will be retained, except for purchases of Validity 90, Validity 365.


What will happen to my credit expiry after I migrate to the new plan?
After migration, your:

  1. Credit expiry (active) period will reset to 30 days.
  2. Deactive (non-active) period will reset to 50 days before line termination.
What will happen to my subscriptions & purchases i.e. Mobile Internet pass after migration?
All purchases & subscriptions will be retained after migration. Examples of purchases/ subscriptions: Hot Tickets, Internet passes, Hotlink 5 or Hotlink 10 passes etc.

Do I get to use the FREE Basic Internet immediately after migration?
No, please wait 2 hours for FREE Basic Internet to be active.


Are there any charges for migrating to this new plan?
Yes. RM5 will be deducted from your credit.