Missed Called Services - Subscription


What is Call Me Alert?

It is a bundle call service which includes:

NotifyMe SMS: Caller (A party) will be notify when recipient (B party) that he/she called earlier is now available to be called

TextBack: Allow subscribers to send personalized reply via SMS to caller should subscribers fail to pick up their call/reject the incoming call.


Who is eligible to use the Call Me Alert?

Not applicable for BAU/Yan USP, MVNO, Broadband & e-Reload.


What is the subscription fee?

The fee is only RM1 (valid for 3 months, Auto-Renewal). Note: New subscribers will get 30 days free trial.


Why am I being charged RM0.35 instead of RM1 subscription fee?

This happens if we failed to charge the full amount of RM1 for 3 months subscription. Therefore, we will only charge RM0.35 for 1 month subscription instead. On the next renewal, the normal RM1 for 3 months subscription will apply. 


How do I subscribe to the service?

You can subscribe via:

 UMB: Dial *100# > My Account & Others > Xtra Services> Call Me Alert> Subscribe

SMS: Send YES to 22000


I have unsubscribed to the service before the free trial ends, do I still enjoy NotifyMe SMS & TextBack? Also will I get free trial when I re-subscribe to the service?

No,NotifyMe SMS & TextBack will not be sent to subscriber once the service has been unsubscribed.

Free trial only applicable for 1st time user only.


I have successfully subscribed to 3 months subscription (at RM1), but send “STOPCMA” to 22000 on the 2nd month, will I still be enjoying the service?

No, your Call Me Alert subscription will be terminated immediately.