Top Up - Auto Top Up


What is Monthly Top Up?

This feature allows you to send a monthly top up to a Hotlink number on a date of your choosing. For example, you can have it send a RM10 top up to any Hotlink number on the 3rd of every month.


What is Auto Top Up?

This feature enables you to stay active at all times with Maxis. It will automatically send a top up to any Hotlink number whenever its credit balance runs low (less than RM10) or when the Hotlink account status is about to expire (3 days before expiry).


What are the top up amounts I can choose from?

RM10, RM20, RM30, RM60 and RM100.


Is there a maximum amount I can top up to any Hotlink number?

Yes. You can only top up a maximum of RM500 per month per account.


How many Hotlink numbers can I nominate?

You can nominate as many Hotlink numbers as you like, as long as the maximum top up per month is RM500 per account.


How many times can I top up a Hotlink number every month?

For Monthly Top Up, you can only top up once per month. For Active Top Up, you can set the frequency to as many times as you like, as long as the maximum top up is RM500 per month per account.


Will I be charged for every top up?

Yes. A minimum RM0.50 convenience fee is charged for every successful top up transaction.


How do I know if the top up was successful?

You will receive an SMS confirmation for each successful top up transaction. You can also see it reflected in your Maxis bill. In addition, you can also view it at our website under 'Auto Top Up’.


What should I do if I would like to change any of the following i.e. top up amount, frequency or Hotlink number?

You just need to log in to your personal account in the Maxis website and click 'Auto Top Up' to make your required changes.