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Terms & Conditions

Service Specific Terms & Conditions (“SSTC”) - Hotlink Postpaid Mobile Devices Online Campaign

    1. The Offer: Get RM30 TNG e-wallet credit when you purchase mobile device from Hotlink Online Store. By participating in this Hotlink Postpaid Mobile Devices Online Campaign, you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions stated herein.
    2. Campaign period commences from 18th November 2021 till 17th March 2022 both dates inclusive (“Campaign Period”).
    3. The Campaign is subject to the General Terms & Conditions (“GTC”) at, this Service Specific Terms & Conditions (“SSTC”), Maxis Fair Usage Policy and any other applicable terms and conditions, all at
    4. Capitalised terms herein have the same meaning as defined in the GTC.
    5. Any conflict or inconsistency between this SSTC, the GTC and Summary Terms and Conditions (“STC”), shall be construed in the following order of precedence: (a) SSTC; (b) GTC; and (c) STC.
    6. Further, the mobile devices selected and purchased  by you under this Campaign  is subject to Maxis Device Contract at
    7. We reserve the rights without liability, to revise this SSTC and our pricing from time to time. Where reasonably practicable, we will give you reasonable advance notice of such changes and all previous versions of our user guides or leaflets will be superseded. You accept you are responsible for regularly reviewing information on the Campaign at
    1. The Campaign is available via Hotlink Online Store at  and valid for all new and existing Hotlink postpaid 60 customers (“Eligible Participants”) who:
      1. port-in to Hotlink and purchase at least one (1) mobile device;
      2. upgrade to Hotlink postpaid 60 plan from any Hotlink prepaid plan and purchase at least one (1) mobile device;
      3. upgrade to Hotlink postpaid 60 plan from Hotlink 30/40 plan and purchase at least one (1) mobile device; or
      4. sign up another Maxis Device Contract as a new Hotlink postpaid account.
    2. You are ineligible to participate in this Campaign if you have any outstanding payments with us. The Campaign is inapplicable to you if you are a commercial user and/or bulk subscriber.
    3. Your eligibility for the purchase of mobile device as offered by us is subject to our credit check policy and absolute discretion.
    1. You are responsible for payment of all Charges associated with the purchase of mobile device and this Campaign both during and after the Campaign Period. Charges are excluding of applicable taxes.
    1. The first 500 Eligible Participants who successfully purchase or sign up mobile device pursuant to  Maxis Device Contract at during the Campaign Period will be entitled to a RM30 TNG e-wallet credit (“Reward”) on a first-come, first-served basis.
    2. There is a maximum capping of RM15,000 value of Reward will be given out throughout the entire Campaign, on first-come, first-served basis.
    3. The Eligible Participants for the Reward will be notified via SMS together with the redemption code for RM30 TNG e-wallet credit.
    1. The Reward is not exchangeable for cash.
    2. The Offer is not transferable.
    3. Each Eligible Participant can only receive one (1) unit of Reward per MSISDN, regardless of the number of mobile devices purchase under this Campaign.
    4. We make no representation and warranties as to the quality, merchantability, fitness of the rewards and shall not be liable for any loss or damages suffered from use of the rewards.
    5. Our decisions relating to this Campaign are final and binding all the participants. If any matter, dispute or claim arise which are not covered in this SSTC, they will be determined by us.