Version [14 Dec 2015]

Your Agreement with Maxis comprises the General Terms and Conditions (“General Terms”), Service Specific Terms & Conditions applicable to you, the Maxis Group Privacy Statement and the Maxis Fair Usage Policy (“Agreement”). These are all located on our official website at and Alternatively please visit your nearest Maxis Centre for hard copies.

This Summary highlights some of the important terms of the Agreement. When you purchase the Service(s), the Agreement in its entirety (and not just this Summary) applies to you. Please read and understand the contents of the Agreement in its entirety. Terms used in this Summary will have the same meaning as defined in the General Terms. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the Summary and the General Terms, the General Terms will prevail.

Your Personal Information:

We will process your Personal Information pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and the Maxis Group Privacy Statement. These explain your rights to and our usage of your Personal Information. Our Maxis Group Privacy Statement is found at all our Maxis Centres and on our website at Call us at 1300 82 0120 or 123 or e-mail us at if you need a copy.

Your obligations when you use the Service(s): You must:

  • comply with the Agreement in its entirety;
  • comply with all applicable laws of Malaysia and instructions issued by us;
  • promptly reload your account to enjoy uninterrupted Service(s);
  • not disclose your Log-On Details to others;
  • not use the Service(s):-
    • to send spam, unsolicited messages (including SMS' and email), and messages against public interest
    • for resale unless permitted by Maxis
    • for fraudulent, unlawful and improper purpose such as gambling, vice, infringement of intellectual property rights, publishing any defamatory or abusive material
    • for any activity which is likely to cause Network congestion

The Service(s) we supply and what you can expect of us:
Our Service(s) may not be available everywhere. Please check Our Network coverage area on our official website at Whilst we will make every attempt to provide a fault free service, the Service(s) are not fault free as to Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control. We are not liable to you or any other party, in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise for any loss or damage that you may suffer in connection with the Service(s).

When we can suspend or terminate your Service(s):

We may suspend or terminate your Service(s) in a number of circumstances, including where you breach Our Agreement, Network related issues (including emergencies) or you use the Service(s) for improper purposes or for damaging our Network. Where your Service(s) is terminated, the remaining credit balance in your Account will be forfeited.

What we can do in relation to the Service(s):

We may from time to time make any changes, including revising the Charges. Changes will be notified via our official website at We will assume that you unconditionally accept the changes and wish to continue with Our Service(s), where you continue to use the Service(s) from the date of any such changes.

We appreciate any feedback about our Service(s), and are committed to resolving any problems or complaints quickly. If you have any concerns, please contact us at 1-300-820-120 or dial 123 from your mobile.

You acknowledge that you have been provided with and have read and understood the Agreement in its entirety, and you agree to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.