Service Specific Terms & Conditions (“SSTC”) – Caller Ringtones Services


4 February 2016

  1. Hotlink Social Hot Ticket comes with:
    1. RM7 airtime
    2. Free 500 MB: All-day
    3. Free 1GB: 2am - 7am
    4. 500MB Social Access (Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter)
  2. The items above is valid for 5 days (*Validity starts from the day of purchase).
  1. RM7 Airtime
    1. RM7 airtime is applicable for voice, video calls & SMS’ to all local networks, 24 hours a day.
    2. To check RM7 airtime balance, dial *122# > local balance (baki lokal for BM) 
    3. Charging rate is at 12sen/min & 5sen/SMS to Hotlink & Maxis network, and 36sen/min & 10sen/SMS to other local networks.
    4. Voice calls are in 60-seconds charging block.
    5.  Unused balance of the Hot Ticket airtime will be forfeited after the expiry date, unless the next Social Hot Ticket is activated.
    6. At any point in time, the accumulated Hot Ticket airtime a customer account can hold should not exceed RM100. 
  1. Free Data
    1. 1 GB data is valid from 2am - 7am, and 500 MB data is valid for 24 hours.
    2. Upon exhaustion of quota or pass expiry, the pay-per-use rate of RM0.10/10kb applies.
    3. To check balance of data usages, dial *100# > Internet Passes >Internet Passes Status
    4. All terms and conditions set out in The Mobile Internet terms and conditions apply. (available on the Maxis website)
    5. All unused balance will be forfeited at the end of the 5 days validity period. 
  1.  500MB Social Access 


  1. The following Facebook access methods are included in All Facebook passes: 
    1. Facebook smartphone apps:
      1. Facebook for iOS app
      2. Facebook for Android app
      3. Facebook Messenger for iOS app
      4. Facebook Messenger for Android
    2. Facebook for Every Phone (Java Application)
    3. Facebook browser based access to the mobile website
    4. Facebook browser based access to the desktop site (no banners or interstitials)
    5. Facebook for iPad application (no banners or interstitials)
  1. Facebook products that are NOT included in All Facebook passes are:
    1. Instagram
    2. Camera App
    3. Pages Manager Apps
    4. Facebook Blackberry App


  1. Connection and access to the following Native Android Application and Twitter mobile sub-domains / sites (both WEB and WAP services) via a mobile device are:
    1. Native Android Application

(for ease of reference, "Native Android Application/*,*" and "*" are collectively referred to as "Allowed Free Twitter Sites"),

  1. The following are NOT included as part of Free access:
    1. The iPhone Twitter APP
    2. The Blackberry Twitter APP
    3. The Twitter full website (
    4. All Twitter links except for*


  1. This product / service is only applicable for official WhatsApp application provided by WhatsApp Inc. However please note that additional data charges apply for download of the WhatsApp application. Official WhatsApp application should only be downloaded through WhatsApp Inc. at
  2. Any other unofficial, hack, imitation of the WhatsApp application will not work with this product / service and will incur additional data charges.
  3. Any external URL link or content opened while messaging via WhatsApp application that results in user getting information from an external source will incur additional data charges regardless of whether this occurs within or outside the WhatsApp application.
  4. Sharing location via the WhatsApp application which results in information transmitted to and from Google Map service will incur additional data charges.
  5. The cost of purchasing this WhatsApp application (if any) from respective mobile app stores before downloading to the user’s phone shall be borne by users themselves. This installation cost is not part of this product / service offering.


  1. The Promotion is provided to you by Maxis Mobile Services Sdn Bhd (“Maxis”).
  2. The Promotion runs daily starting from 12.01am on 29 February 2016.
  1. Customers can purchase the promotion via the Hotlink Red App.
    1. Launch Hotlink Red App 
    2. Go to “Buy” 
    3. On the Internet tab, scroll to “Hot Ticket”  
    4. Choose the pass you wish to purchase 
    5. Confirm your purchase 
    6. Confirmation SMS will be sent upon pass activation.  
  1. Passes are not applicable for international roaming.