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Frequently Asked Questions

Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia

  • The Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia is a program initiated by the Government of Malaysia to assist Malaysian students/youths to have Internet connection for online lessons without any data constraints and to increase their productivity at home.

  • All Malaysian Hotlink Prepaid subscribers who are 21 years old and below (account registered with year of birth between 2002 -2011) are eligible to purchase Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia.

  • The Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia is available from 15 October 2021 to 30 April 2023.

  • Eligible Hotlink Prepaid customers will enjoy:

    1. A 20GB 90-day @ RM30 internet pass; 90 days validity from date of purchase.
    2. Upon purchase of the internet pass, your Hotlink Prepaid account will remain active for 90 days.
    3. FREE 1GB Productivity Internet pass DAILY.
  • Eligible Hotlink Prepaid subscribers will be able to purchase the Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia from the Hotlink app homepage banner.

    To redeem the FREE 1GB Productivity Internet daily pass, please dial *868#
    For Hotlink Superrr user, please dial *100# > Internet Passes

    Note: For newly activated SIM packs, eligible subscribers will be able to purchase Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia 4 days from SIM pack activation date.

    1. The 20GB 90-day @ RM30 internet pass, you will enjoy high speed internet browsing for all usage.
    2. For the daily FREE 1GB Productivity Internet pass; you can utilize the quota for learning and productivity tools as well as most browsing needs, except for social media, video streaming, gaming and music streaming.
  • If you have an active hourly/ daily/ weekly internet pass and the Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia, quota from the internet pass with earliest expiry will be utilized first.

    However, if you have an Unlimited Internet 30-day pass, the Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia will be utilized first.

  • You can continue to surf on a reduced speed or purchase another Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia or any other internet passes that are available.

  • Yes. The Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia is stackable.

  • You can read more about it from MCMC’s website.

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