Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

As directed by MCMC, person-to-person SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 May 2023.

SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 May 2023.

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Important Update: Changes to General Terms and Conditions of Services(s) – Hotlink Consumer. Learn More.

Hotlink Consumer: Terms & Conditions Updated. Learn More.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • The Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited ECEM plan is exclusive for customers in Kelantan, Pahang, Terengganu, Sabah & Sarawak; hereinafter referred to as ECEM Region.

  • The Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited ECEM starter pack is priced at RM10, and it comes with preloaded credit of RM5 (valid for 5 days) & FREE 500MB Basic Internet.

  • Enjoy a flat rate of 15sen/30-sec for calls & 15sen/SMS to all local networks. Video call is same rate as voice call. To enjoy unlimited voice calls to all local networks, purchase any of our Unlimited Internet passes. These passes come with unlimited data as well. 

  • With Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited ECEM Plan, you are given FREE Basic Internet and you will not be charged pay-per-use rates. For high-speed Internet, just purchase any Internet pass from Hotlink app (download from Google Play/App Store, for FREE).

  • For best experience & rewards, download Hotlink app from Google Play/App Store. Alternatively, you may dial *100#.

  • Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited ECEM plan gives you a 5-day active period upon activation with an additional 50-day credit grace period.

  • During the inactive period, you can only receive incoming calls and SMS. To be able to make calls, send SMS, & surf the internet, please perform a top up. To avoid service cancellation, top up before the end of the inactive period.

  • Your unused credit during the inactive period will be frozen, and you can only receive incoming calls and SMS. Upon your next top up, your unused credit balance will be combined with your top up amount.

  • During the inactive period, you will not be able to utilize balance quota from your Internet pass. Top up to continue using your Internet pass.

  • FREE Basic Internet of 500MB allows you to stay connected on all apps 24/7 for FREE, at the speed limit of 64kbps. Your FREE Basic Internet will be fully activated within 1 hour after activation of your Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited ECEM Plan. This quota will be refreshed monthly. 

  • No, FREE Basic Internet is only available locally. When you roam, standard data roaming charges would apply. To save, please get a roaming pass. For more info, visit

  • No. You would need to purchase a new Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited ECEM starter pack. However, if you are on an existing Hotlink Prepaid ECEM rate plan, such as #Hotlink ECEM/ Hotlink FAST ECEM/ Hotlink RED ECEM, you would be able to upgrade your plan to the new Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited ECEM plan at a fee of RM5 from your Hotlink app.

    To check your current plan, dial *100# or go to ‘myhotlink’ > Account on Hotlink app.

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