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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotlink Pantas - Internet, 365 days Active Period Pass & IDD passes

  • Fast Internet Quota Local Call Quota Validity Price
    1GB - 365 days RM2.00
    2GB - 365 days RM4.00
    5GB - 365 days RM10.00
    5GB Unlimited 30 days RM20.00
    15GB Unlimited 30 days RM25.00
    30GB Unlimited 30 days RM35.00
  • These internet passes are valid for 365 days or until the quota is fully depleted. The mobile internet pass will be removed from your subscription when it expires or when the quota is fully depleted.

  • No, all internet passes will be removed from your subscription when the quota is fully depleted or when it expires after 365 days.

  • Your account/ SIM must be active for you to use any services (out going call & SMS, or browse the internet). You will be able to use your remaining quota once you have topped up. 

  • The 365 days Active Period pass is priced at RM30 and can be purchase from your Hotlink app. By activating this pass, your account/ SIM will be active for 365 days (1 year) from the day of activation/ purchase. This means you do not have to constantly top up to keep your account/ SIM active.

  • The active days is calculated from the purchase date of the 365 days Active Period pass. The active days will be calculated on the furthest date between the 2 dates. 

    Example: On January 1st 2022 you have Top up RM30 and purchased the 365 days SIM Validity pass on the same day, your active period will be extended to December 31st 2022(365 days from January 1st). 

  • Price Minutes allocation Country Validity
    RM2.00 15 IDD minutes Indonesia 365 days
    RM2.00 30 IDD minutes Bangladesh/ India 365 days
    RM4.00 10 IDD minutes Myanmar/ Nepal/ Philippines 365 days
  • Each IDD pass is valid for 365 days (1 year). This means that upon purchase, the pass will only expire after 365 days or upon the IDD minutes is fully used.

  • Not to worry, your call would not end/ drop. Your will continue to enjoy the lowest IDD call rates available for this plan.

  • Country Rates (RM/60sec)
    Indonesia 0.18
    Bangladesh 0.08
    Nepal 0.50
    India 0.08
    Myanmar 0.60
    Philippines 0.60
    Vietnam 0.26
    China 0.08
    Pakistan 0.30
    Thailand 0.20

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