Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

As directed by MCMC, person-to-person SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 May 2023.

SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 May 2023.

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Important Update: Changes to General Terms and Conditions of Services(s) – Hotlink Consumer. Learn More.

Hotlink Consumer: Terms & Conditions Updated. Learn More.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hotlink Prepaid Voucher

  • Voucher allows eligible customer to enjoy a discount or free internet on their internet pass purchase. To enjoy it, they just need to claim it, then use it during internet pass purchase.

  • You will see the vouchers under “Browse” at Voucher page at Hotlink App.

  • You may find the vouchers under “Browse” at Voucher page at Hotlink App if you are eligible.

  • Yes, each voucher has its own expiry date and it will be clearly stated as “Claim by XX Month Year, Hour:Min am/pm”

  • An expired voucher will no longer be claimable, and it will be removed from the “Browse” at the Voucher section.

  • Yes, the date will be stated at the voucher “Use by XX Month Year, Hour:Min am/pm”.

  • The expired and unused claimed voucher will be moved to “Past Vouchers” and labelled as “Expired”.

  • We have both one-time voucher and voucher which allows multiple claims, this will be stated at the terms & conditions (T&Cs) of each voucher. Do refer to the T&Cs when you claim it.

  • No, each ‘claimed’ voucher can only be used once.

  • There are 2 ways to access the available vouchers for you

    1. At Internet page
      1. Select the pass you wish to buy and
      2. Click Select Voucher, if there is an eligible claimed voucher than can be used
        1. If you have any claimed vouchers which can be used, you will be linked to "My Vouchers", then you just need select the voucher you wish to apply, or
        2. if non of you claimed voucher applicable, you will be linked to  "Browse" to claim for eligible voucher, after which you just to select Use Now to apply the voucher
    2. From the voucher page
      1. Click Vouchers , if you have any claimed vouchers, select the voucher you wish to use by  clicking on Use and you will be linked to the Internet page.
      2. then select the eligible pass for the voucher to buy. (Important! Do read the voucher description and T&Cs before select to buy any of the  eligible pass.)
  • Please refer to the terms & conditions of the voucher for eligible Internet passes.

  • No, fulfillment of the paid and free Internet passes will be together.

  • No, the vouchers are non-transferable and can only be used by the eligible mobile number.

  • No, vouchers are not exchangeable.

  • The internet pass which has been fulfilled and the voucher used at purchase are not refundable.

  • Some vouchers are open for a limited number of claim and use, first come first serve basis. Therefore, if the limit is met, you will get a message stated that the offer has been fully claimed or redeemed, this means the voucher for this campaign is no longer available to be claimed or valid for usage.

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