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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Up - SOS Top Up

  • SOS Top Up offers is a service which will grant you credit when you are in need. 

  • In order to receive the SOS Top Up offer, you must meet the below requirement:

    1. Tenure 1 month and above
    2. Not applicable for Tablet, MVNO or Broadband plans
    3. Based on SOS Top Up eligibility criteria (eg. Top up and repayment history etc)
  • There is an additional service fee which will be charged upon your next topup. The credit granted as well as the service fee will be stated within your invite SMS.

  • Your validity will be extended depending on the amount of credit granted.

  • You will be offered when your balance is low, or you have insufficient credit to complete a purchase. You will also be offered if your number becomes inactive.

    Alternatively, you may perform an SOS Top-up request via *100# or RedApp.

  • You can request as many times as you require, as long as you pay back the outstanding balance and service fee.

  • Upon subsequent top up, Hotlink will take back the credit granted, as well as the service fee, as stated within the offer SMS.

  • You will receive an SMS notification that the SOS Top-up service has deducted the amount from your balance.

  • Auto-Credit SOS Top-up is an add-on service which will automate the credit process, so you don’t have to reply YES everything you need some credit.

  • You will get invited to this service upon after successfully accepting an SOS Top-Up offer.

  • Send OFFAUTO to 20505 to unsubscribe for this.

  • Send STOPSMS to 20505 to stop receiving our offers. To start receiving again, send STARTSMS to 20505.

  • The amount will vary per subscriber, as the amount granted is based on their eligibility determined by Hotlink.

  • SOS Outstanding Balance will only be deducted when a top-up is done from the following methods:

    • Physical Topup Ticket
    • eReload
    • Bank Reload
    • MaxisPay Reload
    • Hotlink Website Reload
    • Hotlink App Reload
  • The SOS offer fulfilled is based on the keyword sent. Do ensure that you key in the correct keyword as below:

    SOS Internet
    Data Pass
    SOS Top Up
    Credit YES, YA,  RM, Y
  • Other than requirement for duration of Hotlink account, eligibility to use SOS Top Up service is also based on other criteria which may change from time to time; main criteria includes top up and repayment history. Do continue to top up with Hotlink to be eligible to use SOS Top Up or SOS Internet in future.

  • No, SOS Top Up or SOS Internet fulfillment will not allow Mobile Internet usage in deactive status.

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