Read about the updates to the FREE 1GB offer

Read about the updates to the FREE 1GB offer


Our updated General Terms & Conditions of Services is effective from 20 December 2020. Refer to

Our updated GTC, effective from 20 December 2020, Refer


Call home at the lowest
International Direct Dial
(IDD) rates

Get in touch with your family and friends, day or night at the best IDD rates.
Get even greater rate from the Hotlink IDD 132. 

Where are you calling?


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take advantage of this promotion?
Simply dial 132 <00> <Country Code> and the promotional rate will be applied.

What if I directly dial the international number without 132?
Direct dial rates will apply. To enjoy the best rates, please dial 132 <00><Country Code>.

Who is eligible for this promotion?
Any Hotlink prepaid and postpaid customers.

What if I call any other countries not listed?
Direct dial rates will apply.

How much will I be charged if I make a 10 second call?
Calls are charged based on a 30-sec block charging.