Hotlink 4G LTE - 4G LTE


What are the changes in 4G LTE accessibility?

Effective 12th February 2015, all Hotlink mobile internet users will be able to enjoy high speed internet access at 4G LTE connectivity. 


How can I enjoy 4G LTE speed?

  • Ensure that you are using an 4G LTE enabled device
  • Subscribe to ANY of the Mobile Internet Passes  (pay-per-use will also enjoy 4G LTE)
  • Make sure that you have an 4G LTE-enabled SIM (Walk-in to Maxis Centre  or Maxis Exclusive Partners (MEPs) to upgrade your SIM)
  • Turn on the 4G LTE on your mobile device
  • Ensure that you are within 4G LTE coverage area

Can I enjoy 4G LTE with Free Social Chat as well?
Unfortunately, the FREE Social Chat allows you to chat and surf with speeds of up to 64kbps only.