Jaringan Prihatin | Claim up to RM300 subsidy on Maxis & Hotlink plus FREE 60GB/mth now!

Jaringan Prihatin | Up to RM300 subsidy + FREE 60GB/mth

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The Hotlink app - Login


Can I login with a different Hotlink number?

If you are login via our data network , the app will automatically login according to your phone number.


Can I still login if I don’t have any credit balance?

As long as your phone line is active, you can login into the app.


Will I be forever logged in?

For security reason, the app will auto logout after 14 days. You will need to relogin again.


Can I login while my Hotlink account status is deactivated (non-active) with/without balance?

As long as your phone line is active / deactive (non-active) , you can login into the app.


I have a different experience when I launch the app on my phone - sometimes it automatically logs in and sometimes I have to login using my Hotlink number. Why is that so?

If you are connected to the internet via our Maxis data network then this app will connect directly when you launch the app. If you are on Wifi connection, you will need to provide authentication via TAC.


If I login using Wi-Fi and perform top-up or purchase data pass, will it work?

Yes the experience will be similar for both data and wifi connection.


I have submitted a feedback via the app. How long does it takes for you to revert to me?

We will look into the feedback and provide an update or revert to you when necessary depending on the type of feedback / question.


I changed the rate plan today. How long does it take to update the app?

The update will be reflected within 24 hours.


What happens when I turn off the Push Notification?

If you choose to turn off push notification, you will not receive notifications for rewards.