Read about the updates to the FREE 1GB offer

Read about the updates to the FREE 1GB offer


Our updated General Terms & Conditions of Services is effective from 20 December 2020. Refer to

Our updated GTC, effective from 20 December 2020, Refer


Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited - Add-On Internet Passes

Who can activate Add-On Internet Passes?
All active subscribers on Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited Plan with an active Unlimited Internet Pass can purchase an Add-On Internet Pass.

What are the Add-On Internet Passes available for purchase?.

Add-on Internet Passes





Unlimited (Internet add-on) 1-hour


1 hour





3GB (Internet add-on) 1-day


24 hours

5GB (Internet add-on) 7-day


7 days


How can I purchase/check the balance quota of my Add-On Internet Pass?
Download Hotlink app from Google Play/App Store to purchase and manage all internet passes. Alternatively, you may dial *100#.

Can I share the Add-On Internet Passes internet quota with other devices via mobile hotspot?
Yes, all internet usage from your mobile and other devices will be drawn from your Add-On Internet Pass.

Can I continue using my Add-On Internet Pass after my Unlimited Internet Pass has expired?
Yes, you may continue to use all passes purchased as long as your mobile line is active.

I can’t seem to activate/purchase an Add-On Internet Pass, why is this so?
Please ensure you have an active Unlimited Internet Pass before purchasing an Add-On Internet Pass.

Are the Add-On Internet Passes auto-renewable?