Jaringan Prihatin | Claim up to RM300 subsidy on Maxis & Hotlink plus FREE 60GB/mth now!

Jaringan Prihatin | Up to RM300 subsidy + FREE 60GB/mth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotlink Postpaid 60 with Home Internet - General

  • Hotlink Postpaid 60 with Home Internet allows you to combine Hotlink Postpaid 60 mobile plan with Home Internet, that’s either Home Fibre on ANY Maxis Fiber plan (RM89 and above) OR with Maxis Home 4G WiFi; and you will enjoy the following benefits:

    • 2 times (2X) mobile data on your Hotlink Postpaid 60 plan 
    • LATEST mobile phones and home devices offers from as low as RM1
  • Hotlink Postpaid 60 with Home Internet offers 2X mobile data, and unlimited data for home connection.

    • For mobile line: you can enjoy a total of 60GB All Day Data on mobile line.
    • For Maxis Fiber or Maxis Home 4G WiFi plan: you can enjoy unlimited data for home connection.


    • To ensure better experience for all users, excessive and abusive data usage is subjected to Fair Usage Policy.
    • To know more about the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for all services, click HERE.
    • For more details on Maxis Home 4G WiFi plans, click HERE.
  • You can sign up via all Maxis Stores or call us. 

  • For Hotlink Postpaid 60 with Home Internet, there is no contract on the mobile line if you are signing up for the line only.
    For Maxis Fiber, there is a 24-months contract on home fibre. Refer HERE for more details and offering on this plan. 
    For Maxis Home 4G WiFi, there is no contract on the mobile line if you are signing up for the line only. Refer HERE for more details and offering on this plan.

  • If you are not an existing Maxis customer; you have to be 18 years and above and must meet our credit requirements.

    • For Malaysian with NRIC: Advance payment of one month of your mobile commitment plan may be applicable
    • For foreigners: RM150 deposit is applicable on mobile line and RM500 on home broadband line
  • If you have an existing Maxis Fibre with us, we would instead suggest Maxis Unlimited Postpaid & Fibre bundle plan for you. It comes with Unlimited Mobile Data and a wide variety of exciting Premium Mobile and Home Devices from just RM1/mth. Visit https://www.maxis.com.my/en/broadband/maxis-fibre/ to register your interest.

  • You may sign up a new line on Hotlink Postpaid 60 with Home Internet (Maxis Fiber/ Maxis Home 4G WiFI plan).

  • All Hotlink Individual customers are eligible for this plan.

  • Yes, you may. You can switch your existing Hotlink Postpaid & Fibre 99 to unlock more benefits of this new bundle. 

  • You can apply for Maxis Fiber plan offered for Hotlink Postpaid 60 with Home Internet. However, Maxis has the rights to change your plan/package to Maxis Business Fibre if it’s deemed that the fibre service is being used for business purposes.

  • Please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

  • You will receive ONE bill with both your mobile and Home Internet charges. If you have switched over from an existing Hotlink Postpaid plan, the subscription fees of your previous and current plans will be prorated.

  • You may change your fibre rateplan at any time after your subscription if you are not contracted on any Home Devices. 
    For more details on Maxis Fiber plan, refer HERE.

  • You can easily manage your payment, bill and data via Hotlink Postpaid app.
    Just download the Hotlink Postpaid app on Apple App Store or Google Play and sign up for a Maxis ID to login.

  • To terminate or port out your mobile line, you have to first exit from the bundle services. 
    To exit from the bundle:

    • Your Hotlink Postpaid 60 with Home Internet plan will be changed to equivalent plan, Hotlink Postpaid 60 with standard data allocation.
    • Your Maxis Fiber/ Maxis Home 4G WiFi is required to transfer to a new account with Maxis and you will have to download Maxis app to manage your Maxis Fibre/ Maxis Home 4G WiFi account, data & payment.

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