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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotlink Credit & Maxis Direct Billing – General (updated as of 11-Oct-2021)

    • For Postpaid, the limit is RM500/month (for line tenure of 4 months and above) for purchases on Direct Carrier Billing. To increase the limit, you can manage this limit via Maxis Care. For line tenure less than 4 months, the limit is fixed to RM55/month and there is no spend limit changes allowed. For supplementary line customers, your purchase limit can only be changed by the principal line holder.
    • For Prepaid, the limit is RM5000/month for purchases on Direct Carrier Billing as long as you have sufficient Hotlink Credit.
    • We reserve the sole right and discretion to make any amendments to the applicable terms and conditions from time to time, in which case the revised limits will then be reflected in these FAQs.
  • Yes, Google Play has a password protection feature that requires you to enter a password before each purchase. To setup, refer to the instructions in the setup section of this FAQ.

  • Yes, you can remove it in your Google Wallet (

  • No, you cannot do so.

  • Yes, you can. Ensure your SIM is active and allows sending of SMS to shortcode 22099.

  • Hotlink Credit/Maxis Direct Billing is a service that allows Maxis/Hotlink customers to purchase Google Play content such as apps or in-app purchases via deduction from their Hotlink airtime credit. For postpaid users, the amount is billed to their Maxis Postpaid account.

  • It is available for all Hotlink Prepaid customers with sufficient Hotlink airtime balance equivalent to the purchase amount. For Postpaid, it is also applicable to all, except Corporate & Wireless Broadband customers.

  • The service allows you to purchase:

    • Paid Android apps
    • In-app purchases
    • Google Play Movies
    • E-Books
    • Newsstand

    New content may be added to the list, subject to territory availability.

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