As directed by MCMC, person-to-person SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 May 2023.

SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 May 2023.

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Important Update: Changes to General Terms and Conditions of Services(s) – Hotlink Consumer. Learn More.

Hotlink Consumer: Terms & Conditions Updated. Learn More.


Frequently Asked Questions

Switch To Hotlink - General

  • Switch to Hotlink or Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows you to change to a new mobile service provider, while maintaining your existing mobile number.

  • Do not cancel current service with your existing service provider prior to switching over to Hotlink as it will prevent you from keeping your old number.

    Only active numbers can request to switch-over to new service provider. To switch to Hotlink, you just need to make your request at any Maxis store, Hotlink store or Hotlink Online Store at

  • You can switch to Hotlink by:

    • Ensure your current line remains active until the switching process is completed
    • Clear any outstanding bills or contract obligations with your current service provider.
    • Ensure that you are using the same ID (NRIC/Passport) that you use to register with your current service provider when you are registering with Hotlink.
  • Switching request is free of charge.

  • Your will get a new SIM card when you request to switch to Hotlink. If your request is done online, a new SIM will be delivered to you. Insert the Hotlink SIM card to your phone when you receive a confirmation from your current service provider that your current service is going to be terminated.

  • The switch process takes up to 2 business days for individual registration.

  • No. Only the registered owner of the mobile number can perform the switch to Hotlink.

  • Yes, you can request to switch to any Postpaid plans and vice versa.

  • You will receive an SMS to notify you on the failure reason. Should you need further clarification, do contact us at 1300-820-120.

    • After submitting your request to switch to Hotlink, your current provider will send you a confirmation SMS.
    • Make sure you follow the SMS instruction before the stated deadline. SMS replies are case sensitive.
    • Once your current service provider SIM is no longer working, do switch to the Hotlink SIM provided.

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