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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HotlinkMU Raya Promo?
Customers will enjoy FREE 44GB data (22GB all day + 22GB 1am - 7am) with every purchase of a HotlinkMU Raya Promo pass on the Hotlink Red App.

Where do I purchase the HotlinkMU Raya Promo internet passes?
Login to Hotlink RED App and select Shop > HotlinkMU to view all eligible Raya Promo passes.

Do I need to redeem the FREE 44GB data after the purchase of a Raya Promo internet pass?
Upon successful purchase of an eligible pass on the Hotlink RED App, the FREE 44GB data will be automatically activated for you.

What is the allowed usage timeband or services/application for this FREE 44GB internet pass?
You can enjoy FREE 22GB high-speed data for any internet usage all day, and another 22GB high-speed data for any internet usage between 1am - 7am.

Click here to read full terms and conditions.