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Step 1

Download the Hotlink application into your mobile device.

Step 2

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Step 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HotlinkMU?
HotlinkMU are personalized deals that's made to your need, created every day just for you.

Who can get HotlinkMU deals?
Deals are available to all Hotlink customers, excluding Hotlink Tourist SIM and Hotlink Postpaid.

Where do I get HotlinkMU deals?
You can find the deals by logging into Hotlink app, shop under 'HotlinkMU'.

What kind of offers will I get?    
Personalized new deals will be refresh every day based on your usage needs. Offer type includes Internet, Calls, IDD bundles, Top Up and even FREE passes on your lucky day! Be sure to check back HotlinkMU deals everyday to not miss out on your great deals!

I am offered to 2 top up offers today. Can I accept them all?
You can only accept 1 offer every day. However you may logon to Hotlink app and accept a new offer the following day.on your great deals!

I have accepted a top up offer. How do I get the top up reward?
After accepting a top up offer, make a single or cumulative top up as per the required top up amount by 11.59pm on the same day. You will receive the reward within 60mins. Only 1 reward will be granted per day.


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