MCMC Volunteer Surveys, 8 Nov - 31 Dec | Click

MCMC Volunteer Surveys, 8 Nov - 31 Dec | Click


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Never get disconnected again with these easy ways to top up your Hotlink Prepaid account. Now you won’t ever have to be low on credit.

Hotlink App

Enjoy up to RM10 cashback when you select a HotlinkMU top up offer on the Hotlink App.

Credit/Debit Card

Top up with your preferred card on the Hotlink app to enjoy a seamless experience for your subsequent top ups.

Online Banking

Top up online via your preferred banking partners or do it via Hotlink App.

Top Up Ticket

Purchase a top up ticket at your nearest Hotlink dealer or any 7-Eleven, myNEWS and 99 Speedmart outlets.

Top up whenever, wherever, however!

You’ll never have to worry about running out of credit ever again. Top up anytime, anywhere via the Hotlink app, online banking or your favourite e-wallets today.



Maybank2u Step 1

Step 1: Click ‘Prepaid Reload’.

Maybank2u Step 2

Step 2: Select 'Maxis Hotlink'.

Maybank2u Step 3

Step 3: Enter your phone number.

Maybank2u Step 4

Step 4: Select top up amount.

Maybank2u Step 5

Step 5: Click ‘Proceed’.

Maybank2u Step 6

Step 6: Click ‘Approve / Accept’.

Maybank2u Step 7

Step 7: Click ‘Confirm & Pay’.

Maybank2u Step 8


If your transaction is unsuccessful, try logging in again.

Touch 'N Go Step 1

Step 1: Click ‘Prepaid’.

Touch 'N Go Step 2

Step 2: Click 'Hotlink'.

Touch 'N Go Step 3

Step 3: Enter your 6-digit PIN for verification.

Touch 'N Go Step 4

Step 4: Enter 6-digit OTP.

Touch 'N Go Step 5


CIMB Step 1

Step 1: Click ‘Transfer Money’.

CIMB Step 2

Step 2: Click 'Top Up'.

CIMB Step 3

Step 3: Enter your phone number and click ‘Proceed’.

CIMB Step 4

Step 4: Select Product and choose ‘Maxis’ and click ‘Top Up’.

CIMB Step 5

Step 5: Click 'Approve'.

CIMB Step 6


GrabPay Step 1

Step 1: Click ‘Prepaid’.

GrabPay Step 2

Step 2: Choose ‘Maxis Malaysia’.

GrabPay Step 3

Step 3: Confirm mobile number.

GrabPay Step 4

Step 4: Select ‘Prepaid Top-Up’.

GrabPay Step 5

Step 5: Review and pay.

Boost Step 1

Step 1: Click the mobile icon.

Boost Step 2

Step 2: Click your preferred amount to top up.

Boost Step 3

Step 3: Enter your Boost PIN or touch sensor.

Boost Step 4


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