Top Up - Share/Ask-A-Top-Up


Why is there a change in validity period? I noticed when I do a Ask-A-Top-Up/Share-A-Top-Up transaction of RM10 and above, my validity has decreased.

The change is done to standardize Share-A-Top-Up and Ask-A-Top-Up validity.​


Who are those impacted by this change?

All users of Ask-A-Top-Up/Share-A-Top-Up transactions from ​28 May 2015 onwards.


Why was I not informed of these changes?

For latest updates, please do refer to regularly. ​​


Who is eligible to use the Share-A-Top-Up service?

All active Hotlink customers, with a tenure of more than 30 days are eligible to use the Share-A-Top-Up service as a donor. All active and deactive (non-active) Hotlink customers, (regardless of tenure) are eligible to be recipients of Share-A-Top-Up.


Who is eligible to use the Ask-A-Top-Up service?

All active and non-active/inactive Hotlink customers, (regardless of tenure) are eligible to be the recipients of Ask-A-Top-Up. Do ensure that your donor is an active Hotlink customer with a tenure of more than 30 days.


Will there be any service fee charged to use Ask-A-Top-Up/Share-A-Top-Up service?

Yes, the donor will be charged a service fee of RM0.50 with every transaction.


What is the minimum credit I need to have after sharing my credit?

You must have a minimum credit balance of RM1.00 after using the service as a donor.


Is there a minimum and maximum amount allowed per transaction?

Minimum amount/transaction: RM1

Maximum amount/transaction: RM100


Is there a limitation to total transaction amount per day and per month?

Maximum amount/day: RM500 (for both donor and recipient)

Maximum amount/month: RM500 (for both donor and recipient)


I am currently in FAST plan and in deactive status, will I be able to use Mobile Internet once I receive credit via Share-A-Top-Up or Ask-A-Top-Up?

No, Share-A-Top-Up or Ask-A-Top-Up fulfillment will not allow Mobile Internet usage in deactive status.