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Turning street art into online street cred

As proud purveyors of the #BikinSampaiJadi spirit, Hotlink teams up with local artists to live out their passion on the streets AND the metaverse through mural projects in their home states coupled with exclusive NFT collections!

Watch and uncover their stories as we celebrate their hustle by learning what #BikinSampaiJadi means to them.

Kenji Chai chose to pursue the life of a street artist – knowing full well just how challenging it can be. Today, his artwork has been displayed on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Brisbane, Hong Kong and even Madrid. With internet, his art has no boundaries, and to Kenji, the rise of digital art means the world is now his gallery.

"Made in Sabah" NFT Collection. Own a piece of Kenji's mural!

Kenji's NFT collection pays homage to his home-state of Sabah. Staying true to his own personal story, his concept of 'Only The Strong Survive' shines a light on some of the fastest native animals you can find on land, air and sea, in Sabah. Demonstrating not only his drive and motivation to pursue his passions, but also the endless opportunities that await with high-speed internet.

Collection is now open for purchase!

All proceeds from the NFT collection will go to funding the artist's future projects, at the artist's own discretion.