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SMS with URL link will be blocked effective 2 May 2023.

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Enjoy MORE savings on the Pakej 5G RAHMAH with Hotlink

REBATE on Postpaid Plans

Enjoy RM10 bill rebate for 24 months with Hotlink Postpaid 70.

PAKEJ Rahmah For All

Enjoy savings of up to RM900 on a new 5G smartphone with 24 months contract.

SUBSIDY On A New 5G Smartphone For B40s

Redeem an additional subsidy of RM120 on a new 5G smartphone, if eligible.

PROMOTION On Prepaid Plans

Enjoy 30GB Pass for only RM30. Valid for 180 days with Hotlink Prepaid.

This Pakej RAHMAH is recommended for:


B40 Groups

Persons with Disabilities

Senior Citizens

Civil Servants

Redeem an additional subsidy of RM120 + RM900 on a new 5G smartphone if you qualify as B40

*Subject to availability of the device subsidy and stock.

Register your interest here or visit nearest Hotlink Store to check on eligibility and the Pakej 5G RAHMAH transaction immediately.

Choose your device:

Rahmah for B40

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Register now or walk-in to our nearest store to enjoy savings of up to RM900 on a new 5G smartphone

*Subject to availability of the device subsidy and stock.

Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions

What is Pakej RAHMAH about?

Pakej RAHMAH is a program initiated by the Government of Malaysia to assist Malaysians with a cheaper internet option to help reduce the cost of living for targeted groups.

Who is eligible to purchase the Pakej RAHMAH pass?

All Malaysian Hotlink Prepaid subscribers who meet the criteria below are eligible to purchase Pakej RAHMAH pass:

  • Youths (12-30 years old)
  • B40 segment
  • The Disabled (OKU)
  • Senior Citizens (60 years above)
  • Malaysian Armed Forces and Police Veterans

What is the offer period for Pakej RAHMAH pass?

The Pakej RAHMAH pass is available from 28 February 2023 to 31 December 2023.

What is “Pakej 5G RAHMAH”?

Pakej 5G Rahmah is an initiative by the government in collaboration with local telecommunication service providers in the form of subsidized 5G mobile plan with smartphone package. The objective is to provide an affordable package for all Malaysians to enjoy 5G network connectivity.

When can I sign up for Pakej 5G RAHMAH?

Pakej 5G Rahmah will commence from 31 August 2023 until 31 December 2023, subject to subsidy and stock availability.

How do I check if I’m eligible for “The first 100,000 B40 Segment Customers”?

Walk-in to nearest Maxis / Hotlink Stores and present your Identification Card (IC) for our friendly staffs to check on your B40 eligibility. If eligible, you may proceed to sign-up for Pakej 5G Rahmah with the additional RM120 subsidy applied immediately, subject to first 100,000 customers (across all telco providers) and availability of device stock.