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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotlink Postpaid - General

  • There are 3 plans to choose from:

    • Hotlink Postpaid 30 comes with 1GB for all usage + 1GB for YouTube
    • Hotlink Postpaid 40 comes with 8GB for all usage + 8GB for YouTube
    • Hotlink Postpaid 60 comes with 30GB for all usage (effective 23 Sep 2021)
  • Hotlink Postpaid Plan combines the best of Hotlink Prepaid with the convenience of Postpaid. You will enjoy:

    • Unlimited calls and SMS
    • Worry-free Internet usage with NO pay-per-use charges
    • Unlimited Internet on your favourite apps
  • These plans are open to all consumers. It is applicable to port-ins, pre-to-post migration and new registrations.

  • No, there are no limits to the unlimited calls and SMS. However, customers are subjected to Maxis’ Fair Usage Policy and we reserve the rights to interrupt, bar, suspend or restrict the service if the customer’s usage appears unusual. Please refer to the rate plan’s Terms & Conditions for further details.

  • It is applicable to domestic mobile/fixed ON-net & OFF-net usage (excluding video calls, calls to chargeable 1-300/1700/600 numbers and calls to TM100 and 121 numbers).

  • No, you cannot. Unlimited calls, SMS and pre-packaged Internet allocation are applicable for domestic use only.

  • No, the monthly allocations (calls, SMS & Internet) will refresh monthly upon completion of your bill cycle. 

  • Upon depletion of your quota, you can continue surfing WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGES at a reduced speed. Alternatively, you may purchase additional Internet passes via Easy Menu *100# or the Hotlink Postpaid app at The available Internet passes are as follows:

    • 2GB @ RM10
    • 1GB/1 day @ RM3
    • 3GB/2 days @ RM5
  • Yes, you can purchase exclusive Internet passes via Easy Menu *100# or  the Hotlink Postpaid app ( If you do so, quota will be drawn from the Internet pass purchased.

  • Yes, you can change or upgrade to any other Maxis Postpaid Plans.

  • Yes, your monthly commitment fee will be pro-rated, however you will be given the full Internet quota allocation from the first month. Calls and SMS are unlimited too. You will be charged the full monthly commitment fee from the second month onwards.

    For additional internet passes purchased (i.e., 2GB @ RM10) you will be charged in full on the first month.

  • The advance payment will be used to offset against the first month’s invoice and any extra will be carried forward to the following month.

  • When you hit 60% and 100% of your allocated Internet usage, you will receive an SMS informing you of your usage at that moment. SMS notification is near-real time.

  • No. There is no supplementary line plan for Hotlink Postpaid.

  • For the respective Unlimited Bundle pass, any usage from the application(s) will not be deducted from your pre-allocated quota and quota will be drawn from the bundle allocation (with a Fair Use Policy of 1TB per the bill cycle).

    Do note that within the app(s) itself, there are some third party sources (such as embedded YouTube videos, or external websites opened via the app) which will count as normal data instead.

  • Yes, you may tether/hotspot the Unlimited Bundles to other devices. However, there will be a speed cap of 5Mbps applied to the tethered data.

  • Yes, you may still use Unlimited Bundle when your normal quota hits 0.

    However, within the app itself, there are some third party sources (such as embedded YouTube videos, or external websites opened via app) which will counts as normal quota and will load at a reduced speed.

  • When you move to Hotlink Postpaid, your credit balance will be credited into your new Hotlink Postpaid account, and it will be reflected in your first bill.

  • You will still have to pay for the advance payment upon moving to Hotlink Postpaid. The advance payment and credit balance will be offset against your first month’s bill and any extra will be carried forward to the following month.

  • Of course. Just call 123 or visit your nearest Maxis Centre listed at to change.

    However, if you have an existing contract on Hotlink Postpaid 60, you must terminate your contract and pay the penalty in order to move over to Hotlink Postpaid 30.

  • This Internet pass has been removed for new and active subscribers, but existing subscribers, who have purchased this pass previously, can continue to enjoy the pass as long as they remain subscribed.

    If you decide to remove the pass (terminate the subscription), you can no longer subscribe to it.

  • We no longer offer this pass. All Hotlink Postpaid 30 subscribers with this specific add-on pass will continue to enjoy a total quota of 8GB All-day and 8GB YouTube. 

  • Each customer is entitled to one monthly recurring pass only. The quota will be renewed after the end of the latest billing cycle. Alternatively, you can buy any other Internet passes offered.

  • For non-YouTube surfing, data will be depleted from non-YouTube specific data passes.

    For YouTube surfing, data will deplete first from your YouTube specific data passes. Once your YouTube quota is completely depleted, then any YouTube surfing will start depleting from your non-YouTube specific data passes.

    However, there are some third party content within YouTube (such as external websites opened via app) which will count as normal data and hence may deplete from non-YouTube specific data passes instead.

  • Once you’ve depleted your YouTube specific data passes, any further YouTube Internet surfing will start to deplete your remaining non-YouTube specific data passes.

    However, once ALL your Internet passes have been depleted, you can still surf YouTube for free but at a reduced speed until your next data quota refresh.

Hotlink Postpaid 60 with Home Internet - General

  • Hotlink Postpaid 60 with Home Internet offers 2X mobile data, and unlimited data for home connection.

    • For mobile line: you can enjoy a total of 60GB All Day Data on mobile line.
    • For Maxis Fiber or Maxis Home 4G WiFi plan: you can enjoy unlimited data for home connection.


    • To ensure better experience for all users, excessive and abusive data usage is subjected to Fair Usage Policy.
    • To know more about the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for all services, click HERE.
    • For more details on Maxis Home 4G WiFi plans, click HERE.

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